Sunday 23 May 2021

Granville Island Brewing Peach Sample Shop

Granville Island Brewing Company is hosting a 10 day peach themed pop-up in celebration of the release of their newest hoppy creation, the Peach Sour! In partnership with the Vancouver Food Bank and Lee's Donuts, the Sample Shop is open from 12pm - 5pm from May 14 to 24, 2021 at 45 Water Street Vancouver. If you are strolling through Gastown, this immersive peach themed sample shop is tough to miss. Now I LOVE Peaches, so I could not miss this. 

Scroll down to see me show off my peach 

All guests are provided with a voucher for a free pint of Granville Island Brewing's newest Peach Sour which can be redeemed at one of many partner businesses. Also exclusive to the sample shop is Lee's Donuts Peach Crumble Donut. A Lee's cake donut is given a peachy glaze and finished with a fine crumble pairing perfectly with the Peach Sour. As someone who does not drink a lot of beer, I actually enjoyed the Peach Sour because it did not have a strong "beer" flavour. 

The Sample Shop has been designed to be an interactive photography space. It is like the ever popular Museum of Ice Cream, the glorious pink space with never ending instagrammable spaces. But instead of pink and ice cream, the Sample Shop is orange and peaches. Really smart marketing move on Granville Island Brewing's part because they have peeked everyone's curiosity. The reservation system made it feel like an exclusive event and they enticed guests to purchase beer at the event by giving away pint glasses with purchase. 


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