Thursday 6 May 2021

What I Miss from Before COVID-19 Restrictions

I live in Canada which is currently in the midst of its third COVID-19 wave. The interesting part is knowing there are countries in the world that have resumed normal life, but unfortunately, the province I live in, British Columbia, is still in a state of emergency. March 18, 2020, was when the original state of emergency went into effect and has since been extended and is still in effect over a year later. Needless to say, I never imagined COVID-19 having such a profound effect on the world, on my life, and everyone's life. The most frustrating part is being restricted in terms of activities and overall my "usual" way of life. 

So this is my list of activities, tasks, random things that I took for granted pre-covid and seriously miss. 

1. Movie Theatres

I loved going to the movies, in fact, a lot of times I did not even care for the movie I was watching! I was there for the crappy theatre popcorn, weird goopy mustard-coloured cheese sauce-covered nachos, and massive glasses of soda! I would always go early because I lived for the pre-show and movie trailers. Then a couple of years ago a VIP theatre opened up near me which meant a wicked pre-movie bar lounge with childhood board games. Plus, certain movies are just better on a large screen with surround sound. 

2. Going to Airports & Hotels & Travelling

I love travelling and being the weirdo that I am, part of why I love to travel is because I am obsessed with airports and airplanes! I miss flying so very much! Also staying in hotels! Who does not love crawling into crisp white sheets and plush white hotel robes? 

3. Breathing Unobstructed

Name one person who enjoys wearing a mask. Remember the times we could be at work and breathe through our noses and mouths unobstructed by a piece of fabric. Breathing was such a luxury then! 

4. Eating at Restaurants & Drinking at Bars

This is the second time that a dining ban has come into effect in BC, the first time being for several weeks in 2020. Restaurants had re-opened with new restrictions and limited seating, but on March 29, 2021, indoor dining was once again closed in BC. Which sucks because all I want to do is go to a lounge, sip on some amazing cocktails and eat scrumptious food with a gaggle of my friends. 

5. Working from the Public Library

Call me a dork, but I always did my best work from a library. Whether it was studying for a final exam, crushing a paper, or writing my blog, I would do it from the public library. It is quiet there, huge tables to spread all my stuff onto, massive windows with natural light, and when I needed a break, an entire wall of magazines to mindlessly thumb through. 

6. BC Ferries

The coolest part of being a Vancouverite is being only a ferry ride away from Victoria Island. No summer is complete without a trip with BC ferries to BC's capital city. Through high school and university, I was on the rowing team and so trips to the island were part of my normal life. 

7. Getting Dressed Up to go out

My mom like many other mothers out there is terrified of COVID-19 and has made it a rule that any clothing worn outside of the house must immediately go into the wash. Which has meant I have not been able to wear any of my beautiful merino wool sweaters, silk tops, and pretty dresses because they are dry clean only. My wardrobe has been reduced to Lululemon, jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. Boring. 

8. Large Community Events

Summers are all about outdoor events, especially in Vancouver. Pretty much every single weekend in Vancouver there will be some sort of festival, street party, celebration etc. I lived for Canada Day, Khatsilano, and the Festival of Lights. Imagine how crushed I am to hear that this will be the second summer in a row that community events are to be cancelled.

9. Brand Campaigns & PR Events

One of the coolest parts about being a blogger is being invited to attend exclusive brand events. Companies are still sending out PR mail, but all the fun parties and activities are no longer happening. Instead, there are "zoom-events" that suck. 

10. Group Activities

I used to play on an adult rec softball team and it was awesome. It was a way to get out, burn some energy, fresh air and meet new people. Also workout classes like hot yoga, swimming, and boxing. I like doing group activities because for me it is more fun with others. 

Curious to hear what you is it that you miss doing? 


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