Monday 28 June 2021

Beating the Heat with the Best Ice Cream in Vancouver

Vancouver has been hit with a heatwave like no other. Temperatures reached 38ºC which is practically unheard of in BC. I think the most we ever hit during the summer months is 34ºC. Tomorrow and Monday is going to be even hotter, surpassing 40ºC. That is scorchingly hot and honestly terrifying. I feel like I am on the beaches of Hawaii, not the Northern Pacific West Coast! 

Needless to say, me and everyone else in Vancouver are just trying to stay cool in this sweltering heatwave. Ice Cream, iced drinks, loose linen clothing, fans, ice cubes and whatever else it takes. So I thought I would make a list of the best ice cream spots in and around Vancouver because not everyone lives in Vancouver City! 

I wanted to get this list up quickly, so I have not had the chance to insert pictures. 

Mister (Yaletown Downtown Vancouver)

This is not a normal ice cream parlour because all of the ice creams are made fresh using liquid nitrogen. They make it in front of you in bright orange kitchen aids and with cold steam pouring out over the bowl. Must-try flavours are the creme brulee (comes with a bruleed sugar top!), Strawberry (has chunks of strawberry fruit) and the S'mores bar (I am obsessed with torched meringue and smores is covered in it). 

Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery (Burnaby Heights)

You will get major nostalgia when visiting Glenburn with its old-school soda fountain vibes. This is the place to go for classic sundaes piled high with hot fudge, strawberries, pineapples, caramel and always finished with whip cream and a red maraschino cherry! Grab a soda from their soda fountain with the flavour of your choosing because anything to beat this heat. 

Rocky Point Ice Cream (Port Moody & New Westminister) 

I first discovered Rocky Point Ice Cream at the Pie Hole. The Hokey Pokey is delightful and whenever I have the opportunity, I grab a couple of pints to keep in my freezer at home. The Hokey Pokey is this wonderful burnt honey comb that is swirled through vanilla ice cream.

Common Good Ice Cream Lounge (Abbotsford)

This delightful shop in Abbotsford has been capturing the hearts of adults and children alike. The team at Common Good Ice Cream works hard to bring the freshest flavours and sweet fixings. My personal summer favourite is their Strawberry Mint Mojito. Fresh strawberry compote is swirled through a lime ice cream and sprinkled throughout are pieces of fresh mint leaves! 

Timothy's Frozen Yogurt (Richmond Steveston Village)

A pillar of the Steveston Village Community, Timothy's has been swirling frozen bricks of yogurt with chunks of fruit since 1989! The sweet scent of fresh waffle cones lures everyone from the pier into their magnificent ice cream shop but do as the locals do and opt for the swirled yogurt and fruit in a massive waffle cone. My favourite fruit duo is peaches and strawberry! 

Soft Peaks (Vancouver) 

Organic Avalon milk is churned into a smooth soft serve that is then topped with various toppings. Soft Peaks focuses on whole ingredients for a naturally sweetened dessert which includes freshly sliced strawberries, real honey comb pieces and yuzu marmalade. 

Alice & Brohm (Squamish) 

Fresh fruit blended together with real dairy ice cream makes Alice & Brohm a winner for me. I appreciate Alice & Brohm not using any food colourings and artificial flavourings, but instead focus on real fresh fruit. Perhaps some of the best ice cream in all of BC and I mean it! 

Johnny's Pops

They can be a challenge to find, but the effort is well worth it because Johnny's Pops are locally crafted in small batches with real fruits. They are juicy, icy popsicles in a variety of flavours that are sure to satisfy your adult pallete. The Mango Yoghurt Strawberry is my favourite and makes for great Instagram pictures too! 

Snowy Village (Richmond) 

I have been to several Bingsoo restaurants, but Snowy Village does it best. They shave bricks of frozen milk into a mountain of fluffy powder. Layered throughout are fresh fruit & compotes or you can go the oreo and matcha route. Whatever your fancy, all are finished with whip cream and condensed milk. 

Beta 5 Ice Cream Socials

The Ice Cream Sundaes were a tradition for me. Every Saturday my friend and I would line up outside in hopes of getting one of their weekly limited edition sundaes. Past favourites of mine include the raspberry earl grey and the mango bubble tea. They are continuing with the ice cream socials for 2021 summers, but like I said, Beta 5 only offers them on Saturdays. 

Let me know which ice cream shop is your favourite to visit on a hot summer's day in Vancouver! I am always looking for new places to try!


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