Tuesday 6 July 2021

Disney Pixar's Luca Review

Pixar Animation Studios/ Walt Disney Pictures

Disney Pixar movies make some of the best animated movies that are enjoyed by adults and children alike. Pixar first stole our hearts with Toy Store, in 1995 and have since released countless feature length animated films ranging from adventures to superheros and magical wonders. Some of my favourites include Ratatouille, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc., Up, Coco and Wall-E. You would be hardpressed to find someone who does not love a single Pixar movie. 

Luca is Disney-Pixar's newest release and is a coming of age movie of two sea-creature boys in a seaside town of Italy. 


In most instances, Pixar blows my mind, but Luca was awful. The beginning of the movie felt oddly similar to the little mermaid. Whenever the sea monsters are out of water, they transform into a human form. Luca has to learn how to walk and is fascinated by human objects - ahem Ariel? Luca's parents are anti-land and deem it a dangerous scary place for sea monsters. 

The charismatic Alberto is another sea monster and introduces Luca to the wonders of the human world. Both of them develop a strong bond over their dream of travelling the world on a Vespa. The rest of the movie focuses on the two boys winning a nearby town's triathalon in the hopes of using the prize money to purchase a Vespa. All the while keeping their sea monster identity a secret from the humans that want to hunt them. The majority of the movie took place in the streets of one town which got boring for me. 

Also the villian in the movie, Ercole Visconti, was TERRIBLE. He was a snotty teenager who is basically an entitled spoiled bully. Whenever Ercole was in a scene, I could not help cringe because Pixar just tried to make him as unnerving, gross and unlikeable as possible. 

Pixar has made magnificent advancements in animation technology, so it was surprising that all of the underwater scenes with the seamonsters felt flat and meh. I found the dialogue to be stilted and there would be odd silent pauses which was further highlighted by the lack of flow in the soundtrack. 

Far too many questions were left unanswered and overall the storyline felt basic. When the sea monsters are dry, why do they look like humans? Why are they scared of the land and humans? Why do humans hate the sea monsters? How did Massimo lose his arm? Do none of the humans think its weird that Luca and Alberto and Luca's parents do not wear shoes? 

The scope of this movie pales in comparison to Pixar's portfolio. Luca has a simple storyline with a weak conclusion. Luca is better suited as a straight to TV movie by a small animation studio. Still cannot believe Luca is the creation from the juggarnaut that Pixar is. I have already forgotten most of the movie, and have no desire to rewatch it. 

I am curious to hear if you have watched Luca and what your thoughts are on the movie. 


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