Wednesday 13 October 2021

Golden Skybridge including an Exhilarating Treetop Experience

Golden BC's newest attraction, the Golden Skybridge, was completed and opened for guests to visit just this past May of 2021. Still fresh from opening day, some of the attractions at Golden Skybridge are still under construction like the Giant Swing, but others are open for guests to enjoy. The moment I learned about Golden Skybridge, I was fixated on visiting and I was able to in the final week of September, just ahead of Golden Skybridge closure for the 2021 season. 

The two Skybridges officially boast the honour of Canada's highest suspension bridges and cross the Columbia Valley with phenomenal views of the Rocky and Purcell mountains. A 61-meter tall Hospital Creek Fall rushes into the river that flows beneath the bridges and into the mountainous forests. 

Upper Skybridge is 130 meters high and 150 meters long 
Lower Skybridge is 80 meters high and 140 meters long

You are up high in the mountain away from the noise of traffic, so all five of your senses can hone in on mother nature. Canada's Western most province's slogan "Beautiful British Columbia," is an understatement. The conifer forest-covered mountain ranges are like no other. Standing halfway across Skybridge 1, I took several moments to fill my lungs with fresh clean mountain air. Listened to the sounds of water crashing over the rocks and the breeze rustling the pine needles to a beautiful melody. 

In addition to the Skybridges and Giant Canyon Swing Experience (under construction) is the Skybridge Zipline, Canyon Edge Challenge Course and the Treetop Village Play Park. Admission to the Skybridge includes the Treetop Village Play Park, but the other three experiences require an additional ticket. There are also weight, age and size limitations for safety reasons, so check ahead if you meet them to avoid disappointment. 

The Skybridge Zipline is 1,000 feet in length, 500 feet high. The four zipline tracks mean four zipliners can cross the Columbia Canyon simultaneously. Since I have already experienced the thrill of ziplining with Superfly during a trip to Whistler BC, I opted for the Canyon Edge Challenge Course. 

I have always wanted to try a treetops ropes course and finally got to do so in Golden BC! The Canyon Edge Challenge Course is 40 feet high amongst the treetops and is made up of 3 different courses with varying difficulties. Everyone is outfitted in safety harnesses, helmets and debriefed on how to use the safety system. As soon as you slide your "C-Hook" onto the steel rope, you are officially connected to the safety system. The small opening on the hook is barely big enough to go over the metal plates throughout the course. No matter what you do, you will not be able to get the hook off the strong steel rods, so you are 100% safe. An ingenious set-up for the Canyon Edge Challenge Course. Aside from the safety harness system, the helmet was the real MVP as it kept my noggen safe from the many many many times that I bumped my head into the cables and steel bolts as I maneuvered up and down the course. 

Guests are left to their own devices on the Canyon Edge course. The staff stay on the ground and are there to answer any questions or talk you through your fears. And if you fall and are unable to get yourself back up to a platform, the staff will come to rescue you. I actually got stuck on the orange buoy swing and required a rescue haha but once back on the platform, I was back on my own! Allowing guests to tackle the course independently gives you a sense of control and freedom to do whatever you want. 

Considering that I have a fear of heights, it seems silly that I would subject myself to an aerial obstacle course, but it was too much fun to pass up. Needless to say, I had wobbly knees and froze several times refusing to leave the safety of the platform. The course features four mini ziplines, a free fall, many unique "bridges" to traverse across including a tight rope and an orange buoy swing. My only recommendation is to bring gloves on a cool day. The steel cords are cold to the touch and over time became uncomfortable. Overall I think I spent nearly 1.5 hours climbing around.

Golden Skybridge being a newly opened attraction means new technology. There are 4 Photo Stops set up along the bridges. Each group is given a wristband that you can tap at the photo spots. The pictures can be viewed at the entrance and purchased as either a print or digital copy. 

The one area in which they did not have a photo set up and should have was at the "Touch the Sky" swing. Arguably the most popular and iconic photo spot for visitors. I sure took a lot of pictures there! 

The site will re-open May 2022. Golden BC is nestled between BC and Alberta and is must stop when driving through. 


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