Thursday 28 November 2019

Superfly Ziplining Adventure in Whistler

Superfly Ziplines base camp 10 minutes north of Whistler village 
Whistler is an outdoor enthusiast's dream destination. A two-hour drive north of Vancouver, Whistler is ranked amongst one of the best ski/snowboarding destinations; however, Whistler also boasts an incredible array of outdoor activities year-round. Initially, my 3-day trip to Whistler was booked with the intention of lounging in pj's in my room, order loads of room service and soak in the pools aka to relax, recharge and decompress. But when a wicked the wicked opportunity to go on a 3-hour ziplining excursion with Superfly Ziplines Whistler, you do not turn it down! 

Superfly Ziplines is 10 minutes north of Whistler Village on Cougar Mountain and offers a convenient shuttle from Whistler Village and several hotels. Their four ziplines are custom built and what makes them truly unique is that the ziplines are dual. This means you and a friend get to zipline down the mountain side-by-side but on your own individual wires. Two of the ziplines are over 1 KM in length making them the longest in Canada. Superfly offers tours all year round even if it is snowing. I can only imagine how magical it is to zipline while it is snowing! 

The tour began at base camp where we were fitted into our harnesses and before I knew it, we were all being ushered into 4x4s for an intense off-road ride up Rainbow Mountain. The 4x4s felt like an experience on its own and it was about 15 minutes, so we must have gone pretty high up the mountain. 

Z1 is the first zipline and is the highest in altitude and 2nd longest in length. Z1 takes you from Rainbow Mountain, over the canyon to Cougar Mountain. I found Z1 to be the most frightening because aside from it being my very first time on a zipline, it was windy over the canyon which catches you, slows you down and swings you from side to side. The wind just pushes you back and forth, from side to side and I was petrified at the thought of getting stuck high above the canyon! Obviously, that did not happen and I safely ziplined to the platform. 

Superfly's ziplines are connected by short boardwalks, tops 3 minutes of walking. Z2 is the longest and personally my favourite zipline. You glide above the treetops and get the most stunning view of the surrounding mountains, the temperate rainforest and most importantly, no scary wind!!! Godzilla is Superfly's steepest hence fastest zipline, but despite the ominous name, Godzilla is wicked! If you assume the "pencil position" (laying flat, arms by your side), you can whip down the mountain at 100 km/hour on Godzilla. The final zipline of the four is Basejumper. This zipline is the shortest distance, but you can hold hands with your friend as you repel down which makes for some super cute pictures. 

Clipped and harnessed and ready to zipline with Superfly down Cougar Mountain in Whistler
There were two Superfly guides for our group of 10. The Superfly guides were phenomenal and deserve an award for making the experience so seamless and fun while ensuring everyone's safety. Completely irrelevant, but one of our guides had the cutest Australian accent!!! They kept things simple, the main rule was to remain behind the yellow line aka the safe zone and to only cross the line when the guide is ready to clip you to the zipline. This kept things relaxed and fun. 

Short clip of me on Z1 from the GoPro. You can just see how windy it was and me crossing the canyon. Also, I struggled to hold the GoPro in the wind. 

At no point was I bored, waiting around or antsy which is an achievement on its own considering I lose interest in things really quick. Also, Superfly's dual system cut the wait time in half because two of us would descend a zipline at a time. I gotta say, the 3 hours just ZIPPED by! 

Daylight versus Twilight
Late fall and winter, it can get dark as early as 3:30 PM. If you want zipline while it is light out, choose tours that are 12 or earlier as the tour is 3 hours long. 

It is cold in Whistler during the fall and winter. Superfly suggests snow gear which is exactly what I wore. When you are going down the zipline, you are going to experience seriously cold windchill and the temperature drops even more as the sun begins to set. Do not forget your GLOVES! 

Sunglasses or Goggles
Your eyeballs will thank you because they do not like wind whipping at them as you fly down a zipline. 

Have Fun
Ditch your electronics and take in your surroundings because there is a reason why Canada refers to our province as Beautiful British Columbia. The Pacific Westcoast is stunning, the air is some of the purest and cleanest in the world and really just enjoy the zipline. 

Superfly Ziplines 3 hour ziplining experience is currently being offered at a discounted rate of $129.00 for adults and $89.99 for children (7-12 years old). Personally, I think it is a fantastic value. I cannot be the only person that is guilty of picturing Whistler in winter is exclusively for skiers and snowboarders. I am really glad I went up to Whistler to relax and go ziplining with Superfly. Have you been to ziplining with Superfly or are you considering going? What other wintertime activities do you like doing when you are in Whistler during the fall and winter months? 

Let me know what I should do next in Whistler in the comments below!


Disclaimer: Complimentary of Tourism Whistler (@GoWhistler #OnlyinWhistler) and Superfly Ziplines Whistler (@superflyziplines). All opinions and content are original and my own. 

View top of Rainbow Mountain
Incoming! Superfly Ziplines Whistler
The trolleys that our harness connects to
and goes on the zipline wire
Cool helmets and goggles for the 4x4 off-road ride

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