Friday 22 November 2019

Four Seasons Resort Whistler Balcony Breakfast

Four Seasons Resort Whistler my balcony breakfast
Everyone has their "must-haves" for when deciding which hotel to stay at and for me, the hotel has to offer a killer breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal of the day! For my mini getaway, I stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler because their in-room breakfast towers looked scrumptious and I have never seen anything like it before at a hotel. It is like a high-tea tower, but better because it is full-sized breakfast food!!!

The Four Seasons Whistler offers a few breakfast towers. The Power Breakfast is on the healthy side with a focus on lean meats, fruits, health bars and a spinach, chickpea & quinoa breakfast burrito as the main. The Express Continental Breakfast is for those wanting a quick and easy breakfast of granola & berry yogurt parfait, pastries and fruit salad. All of their towers come with tea or coffee and a chilled juice of your liking. The Power and Express Breakfast Towers both sounded delicious, but I wanted something heartier for breakfast as well as a bit of both sweet and savoury. 

The Coast Mountain Breakfast is Four Season Whistler's most epic breakfast tower. You get roasted tomato & asparagus, bacon & sausage, pastries, pancakes - with WARM maple syrup, fruit salad and two eggs of your choice with breakfast potatoes. To make this an even more glorious indulgent experience, I decided to swap the eggs and breakfast potatoes for the Four Seasons' Avocado Toast which came with not one, but two perfectly soft-poached eggs. The smashed avocado was creamy which was balanced with fresh citrus juice. 

Stunning view from my room's balcony at the Four Seasons Whistler
The best part, the Breakfast Towers are part of Four Seasons' in-room dining service. Is there anything better than having breakfast in the comfort of your hotel room in your cozy PJs? The Four Seasons' team brings it all up to your room and before you know it, your table has been expertly set for you to enjoy the most amazing hotel breakfast that you will probably ever have in your entire life. 

Since we are only a week out from Whistler's ski/snowboard opening weekend, it is quite frosty out, so breakfast was set up inside the room; however, on a warmer spring/summer morning, you will probably want to have it out on your room's balcony. I wanted to capture the stunning mountains in the back, so despite the frosty 0˚C morning, I bundled up and took the pictures on the balcony, but as soon as I was finished snapping pictures, I brought all the food indoors to eat. 

If I had to pick my favourite item from breakfast, I would pick the buttermilk pancakes. They were small and thin and I believe the batter is made with whole wheat flour. Paired with the fresh berries, ruby red grapefruit segments and warm maple syrup made for a heavenly stack of pancakes. I also loved that the tower itself was made of wood to keep in line with the Pacific West Coast design of the room. Plus the sausage, bacon, asparagus and tomatoes came sizzling hot in cute cast iron skillets. 

In terms of value, each of the breakfast towers hovers around the $45 mark. For the amount of food and the added luxury of being able to enjoy it in the privacy of your room makes the Breakfast Towers in my own opinion an incredible deal, but also a fun experience. The breakfast tower in my pictures is a little more since we made some substitutions. The Coast Mountain Breakfast Tower would easily feed two hungry adults and even still we could not finish the pastries, so we saved them to snack on later. I firmly believe that the Breakfast Towers are well worth the value especially when you take into consideration that you get to have it in the comfort of your room. 

Next time you find yourself at the Four Seasons Whistler, give the concierge a call in the morning because it is a truly fantastic and DELICIOUS experience! 


Disclaimer: Compliments of The Four Seasons Resort Whistler. All opinions and content are original and my own. 

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