Friday 25 March 2022

The Batman: Dark, Gritty and Intriguing

The Batman has hit theaters and all everyon can talk about is Robert Pattinson as the titular character. Alongside Pattinson is the sensational Zoe Kravitz as Catwomen. The duo are quite the sexy matchup on screen and share a couple of electrified suggestive moments, but only share a single kiss throughout the entire 2 hour 56 minute run time. Oh yes, it is a LONG movie. We need to bring back Intermissions because I needed a mid movie stretch and bathroom break. 

There has been nothing but praises for The Batman, but for me, it is still no match for Christopher Nolan's Dark Night Trilogy. But, it is still better than the disaster that was Ben Affleck's horrendous DC universe Batman. The Batman is the darkest, grittiest live action movie to date. Practically every scene was dark night-time with heavy rainfall. All the tones were black, grey or neutrals making everything feel scary and creepy. To keep with the moody tone of the movie, Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne was made out to be emo. I could not take him seriously with his messy long bangs and smeared black eye makeup. Gave me major Spiderman 3 Tobey Maguire emo without the weird ridiculous pelvic air thrusts. 

The Prince of Gotham continues to be a recluse in this movie, but completely devoid of any warm emotions. I loved Christian Bale's Bruce who was charismatic, but I guess the more brooding silent Robert Pattinson Bruce makes more sense. After all, someone who avoids society and holes up in his mansion would not be a social butterfly.  

I always love seeing the backstory to why a person chooses to become a superhero. As well, their transformation into the roles like costume, gadgets, training etc. The Batman skips all of that and dives directly into Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne being an established Batman. Such a shame because Christopher Nolan did a wonderful job at showing us the cool bat cave and Batman designing his combat suit and gadgets. The black tumbler military vehicle will forever be my favourite bat mobile as it is pure power, slick and badass. 

Enough about Robert Pattinson and his brooding Batman because he may be the title character, but it was Zoe Kravitz that brought excitement to the screen. I loved everything about the Selina Kyle character. Well nearly everything because the cat women costume was hideous - the weird ski mask. I was living for her epic model walks as she confidently strutted through the clubs. Strength and independence! 

The big bad villain in the movie was the Riddler. Jim Carrey's bright green suit with "?" would be out of place in this dark movie, so it was just boring civilian clothes with a weird tactical military ski mask to hide his identity. I enjoyed the game of cat and mouse that took place between the Batman and the Riddler. I just was not completely sold on the reason the Riddler chose to target the Batman. I am sorry, but why on earth would a son have to pay for the sins of the father who passed away when Bruce Wayne was a child. 

The use of an old abandoned subway station as the bat cave was a brilliant choice! Gotham city is heavily influenced by New York City. The subway is an integral part of NYC and it is well known that there are many retired abandoned stations hidden out of sight underneath the city. There are also secret subway stations built underneath certain buildings to discretely shuttle the wealthy and important. One of the most famous private subway stations in NYC is underneath the gorgeous Waldorf-Astoria hotel which has been used to transport the Presidents of the United States of America! With the Waynes being wealthy beyond imagine, it makes total sense that the family would have their very own private subway station underneath the foundation of the Wayne Manor! 

A scene that I cannot believe Maserati allowed to be in the film is when one of their black sedans somersaulted down the length of the highway before settling upside-down and not a SINGLE AIRBAG DEPLOYED? But I guess the character behind the wheel of the Maserati walked away with only but a few minor lacerations, so what difference would have airbags made BAHAHAHAHA. I always thought brands are very careful and do not like their products being portrayed as nothing short of perfection. Bit of an OOPSIE if you ask me! 

I am trying to think of more things to mention about the movie, but I am having trouble remembering much about The Batman. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is still my favourite. Christian Bale does a wonderful job at playing Batman and with such astonishing performances from the late Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy only adds to the trilogy. Also, Robert Pattinson's batman being called "The Vegence" was pretty silly. 

Have you seen The Batman? Do you love it or loathe it or are indifferent? I do hope we get more of Zoe Kravitz as Catwomen as she was spectacular. 


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