Sunday 6 March 2022

Vallea Lumina Winter Whistler Night Walk

How I have gone this long without checking out Vallea Lumina is beyond me because I love outdoor attractions! Vallea Lumina is nestled within BC's glorious old-growth forests atop Cougar Mountain, a quick 10-minute drive north of Whistler Village. The unique outdoor multimedia excursion is part of The Adventure Group's numerous outdoor offerings in Whistler. Coincidently, Superfly Ziplines is also based out of the same location, so it was already a familiar site for me! 

I do not want to spoil Vallea Lumina for those that have yet to visit, so I am going to limit the amount of details I share. If I had to describe Vallea Lumina in one sentence, it would be:

An after dark forest work in which lights, audio and projections are used to immerse visitors in the mystical magic of the forest gods. 

A must visit for young children for sure. All the young ones that day were completely mesmerized by the light show. The trail is a fairly short loop, so completely manageable for young visitors. I for one was glad that it was not too long of an experience because walking through the forest after sunset meant temperatures were significantly lower than in the urbanized regions. 


Unless you are driving your own vehicle, purchase the ticket that includes shuttle transportation from the Whistler Village Loop! It is an additional $10 per ticket which is CHEAP in comparison to taking a taxi. Hailing a cab in Whistler was an unimaginable nightmare - took over 1 hour - and cost $60 ROUND TRIP! The Four Seasons House Cars do NOT drive patrons to Cougar Mountain, so I can guarantee you that no other hotel will either. 


I cannot stress this enough, as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops drastically in the forest. Not to mention there is snow and ice on the ground, so it is already cold out. I was bundled up with my snowboarding gear; yet, I still found myself shivering. Vallea Lumina advises guests to don winter attire and I second them! 


I could not tell you the last time I used hand warmers, but I am sure glad that I picked up a pair on my way to Vallea Lumina because the warmers saved my fingers. The Burton gloves I wore are designed with a small zippered compartment for hand warmer packets. My hands were cozy, making the experience much more pleasurable. 


The path winds through the forest with a few steep icy sections. The darkness also makes it tough to find your footing. Take your time and enjoy the experience! 

Cougar Mountain Basecamp 

The Adventure Group's Basecamp on Cougar Mountain is seriously adorable. There are lights strung up, firepits burning with ample seating for you to sit around enjoy the fire's warmth. They also sell smores kits at the concession, so you can toast your mallows fireside. If you have time after or waiting for the shuttle, I would hang out for a bit. 

Do let me know if you make your way out to Vallea Lumina Winter Edition!


Disclaimer: Complimentary of The Adventure Group Whistler. All opinions and content are original and my own. 

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