Thursday 2 June 2022

Melanie Auld Permanent Bracelet Welding

Dainty jewelry is all the rage right now and I am here for it! Melanie Auld is a Vancouver-based jewelry boutique that has steadily garnered popularity for its charms and layered pieces. In addition to their ready-to-wear jewelry, Melanie Auld has added a jewelry experience to both their Vancouver and Toronto locations and I got to experience it firsthand!

When I heard Welding being offered at Melanie Auld, I immediately headed down to their South Granville location. "Permanent" bracelets are fairly new to Vancouver but have been around for a couple of years in cities like New York and LA. My guess is that the Pandemic slowed down a lot of plans for businesses, but nonetheless, Vancouver finally has the jewelry experience at the Melanie Auld boutique.  

What is WELDING?

At Melanie Auld, the Welding Service is a custom-sized bracelet of choice permanently affixed to your wrist. The two ends of the chain are literally welded together, so the wearer would need to cut the bracelet off because there is no clasp. 

Melanie Auld offers various chain designs in solid 10 karat yellow or white gold. Because it is fine jewelry aka solid gold, the bracelets will not tarnish, discolour or be easily damaged from 24/7 wear and water exposure. I live for yellow gold, so of course, I picked out a dainty yellow coloured chain that shimmers in the light. 

Once you are happy with the length of the chain, that is when the Welding comes into play. Using a jeweler's solder, the technician gets to work, melting the two ends of the chain until they are permanently joined together! The thought of high voltage zapping at my wrist was terrifying, but I was assured that the machine only fires when it is in direct contact with metal aka the gold chain. As an extra layer of precaution, a piece of leather is placed between your skin and the bracelet. 

For someone like me who has very tiny wrists, bracelets are always far too large for me. With custom Welding, the bracelet fits perfectly. Melanie Auld has so many cute charms which can be added to your bracelet. I kept my bracelet plain because there is elegance in simplicity. I am planning to add another bracelet in a different link style for a layered look. 

Melanie Auld is looking into bringing in clasps which would be amazing for me since I technically am not allowed any hand or wrist jewelry at work. At this time, Melanie Auld is not offering Welding for anklets, but I really think they should for the summer. 

Considering these bracelets are solid 10 karat gold, with custom sizing, depending on the style of chain you go with, ~$150 is a decent price. 


Disclaimer: Complimentary bracelet Welding experience from Melanie Auld. All opinions and content are original and my own. 

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