Sunday 11 September 2016

Chic Finds | Aritzia Warehouse Sale Purchases

Boling Blanket Scarf | originally $85 on sale for $39.99
Hey Dolls,

Last week I made my way over to the infamous annual Aritzia warehouse sale for the best bargains of the year. The warehouse sale is humongous with racks upon racks of deeply discounted clothing and accessories. I scoured the racks and dug through the giant piles of discarded clothing by other shoppers for pieces that would only add to my current wardrobe. 

I have been shopping at Aritzia since grade 8, meaning over 10 years! In those years, it has become very apparent that Aritzia loves to bring back the same styles season after season. Therefore, a lot of the items at the sale I frankly already owned. I would say a good fifty percent of the racks contained a style that returns each season at Aritzia. Keeping that in mind, I got a little annoyed because I did not want to buy something I already own. 

Two hours later, I walked out proud and excited of the trendy new pieces I get to add to my closet! I grabbed a total of 4 items and spent just over a $100. 

If you read my tips on shopping sales blog post, you know that I like to go in with a clear idea of what pieces I need in my wardrobe. Furthermore, I set myself a budget in the hopes of not walking away with clothing that will remain in my closet unworn with tags still attached. 

Ellis Pants | Originally $95 on sale for $29.99
I knew I wanted to grab a pair of chic professional trousers for work. I spotted a rack of the Ellis Pants and made a beeline for it. I snatched up a size 2 in a classic khaki shade for $29.99. An unbelievable price considering the Ellis pant retails for $95 at Aritzia! 

The accessories at the warehouse sale are in cardboard boxes in the middle of the venue. If you want cute accessories, you are going to have to be willing to dig through the cardboard boxes while simultaneously keeping an eye out on other boxes that girls are digging through. Haha because I spotted the red and black plaid blanket scarf when another girl had flung it aside as she was searching through a box. Needless to say, I immediately snatched it up. I am still in awe that I found this blanket scarf at the warehouse sale because I have really wanted this scarf since I first spotted it last year. All the blanket scarves at the sale were marked for $39.99. The Boling scarf retails for $85, so I am happy to get the 100% wool scarf at half the price. 

On sale for $9.99
The blue triangle scarf with the tassels on all three corners is made from a lightweight cotton with a fun colourful print. I do not know what the scarf is called and I cannot find it on I think this scarf is a great addition to my accessories as it is a great way to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit. Also, it was on sale for $9.99. This is probably the one item where I was like okay, the sale is too good, I need to have it hahaha!

Originally $35 on sale for $14.99
The blue Wilfred tank is the last piece I purchased from the warehouse sale. The cut is very flattering and being a solid blue shade makes this tank a great basic to have in any wardrobe. I have already worn it with just a pair of black skinny jeans. Originally for $35, at the sale, I got it for $14.99. 

I am really happy with the four items I purchased from the Warehouse Sale. Of course, I wish I had more money because I had to put back a huge amount of the pieces that I ended up with. I cannot wait for their big winter You Snooze You Loose sale after boxing day. I am actually going to start saving up and putting aside some money for the winter sale now because I hate when I cannot get everything that I wanted, but that is life hahaha! 

Let me know in the comments below if you went to the sale and what pieces you snagged! This is totally random, but I find it really bizarre that the original prices at Aritzia are always whole numbers, but at the warehouse sale, all the markdown end with 99 cents! I know so random, but it is annoying!


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