Saturday 10 September 2016

Iced Delights | Beta 5 Mango Bubble Tea Sundae

Beta 5 Ice Cream Social September 10th, 2016 | Mango Bubble Tea Sundae
Hey Dolls!

I have been waiting for the return of this sundae and Beta 5 has finally decided to repeat their Mango Bubble Tea Sundae! I was extremely bummed when I missed out on this sundae flavour earlier this year for Mother's day. I was mortified because Mango is my favourite fruit and Milk Tea Bubble Tea is delicious; therefore, this flavour combination is AMAZING. 

The mango sorbet was smooth and bursting with fresh mango flavour which was offset by the creamy milk tea ice cream. The two flavours complimented one another really well. Also, I was thrilled by how well Beta 5 achieved the classic milk tea bubble tea flavour in their ice cream! It honestly tasted just like the drink itself with the same aftertaste and everything! 

Another stunning arrangement by Garden Party Flowers which happen to be Beta 5's neighbours!
For toppings, the Beta 5 team kept with the bubble tea theme and did classic tapioca pearls which are iconic to the Taiwanese drink. Tapioca pearls are really chewy and honestly do not have much of a taste. There was also fresh mango compote - YUM as well as some fresh baked Japanese milk bread toast! I actually scooped the ice cream and sorbet onto the toast to eat, really added some great crunchy texture. 

I seriously should have gone back for a second Mango Bubble Tea Sundae!
Lastly, some of their delicious chantilly cream, but this time infused with condensed milk! This bubble tea sundae would not be complete without the "bubble tea straw." The wider diameter of the straws lets you eat the tapioca pearls as you sip on your bubble tea. 

There are still more sundaes to come; however, I would totally be content with having the mango bubble tea sundae as the last flavour of the summer! It was honestly that good and definitely lives up to its reputation! 


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