Wednesday 31 August 2016

Savvy Student | Aritzia Warehouse Sale Tips

Heya Dolls,

Savings, savings, savings! It is the big summer clear out at my all time favourite store - ARITZIA! I am excited to snag fabulous pieces at unbelievable prices, but before I hit their Annual Aritzia Warehouse Sale (Thursday September 1st till Monday September 5th), I make a plan to ensure I do not get too carried away at the register. 

We have all done it. Walked into a store and cannot help, but buy an item because the price is too good to be true. However, when you are at the warehouse sale, ALL the prices are too good to be true and you may just end up at the register with an armful of clothes that you actually do not need. 

Before I head out to any shopping excursion, I go through the following steps to ensure I leave with the best bargains and the items I truly need.  

1. Look in your closet and figure out what pieces you NEED as well as would like. 
2. Check out pricing online and figure out which store has the best price reduction. 
3. Make a list of the items you want before hitting the stores. I also write down the item number so if the store does not have it, the sales associates can order it in from another location for me!
4. Set a firm budget! Bring the exact amount in cash to reduce temptation of going over your budget.
5. Shop!

The sales can be so enticing and always test my will power, but I find if I go in with a solid plan and budget, it is easier to not buy for the sake of savings. Hopefully my strategy helps you with your shopping for deals!

Aritzia's Warehouse Sale is an entirely new playing field. For those of you who have attended, you know exactly what I am talking about. The entire lower level of the Vancouver Conventions Centre is taken over by Aritzia.... it is a HUGE SPACE! The line for the sale wraps around outside along the waterfront. If you go early in the mornings, expect to be waiting around 40 to 60 mins outdoors and probably another 45 mins indoors. Once you make it to the entrance of the sale itself, you will be asked to check in your handbags/purses/backpacks. Do not worry, they have a very good system and in all my years, they have not had any trouble finding my belongings. They will also return your purse before you head to the cashiers. 

Since you are shopping rows upon rows upon rows of discounted amazing spring summer pieces, here are some specific tips to mastering Aritzia's Annual Warehouse Sale.

  • Bring an empty large tote bag (if it is empty, you can bring it in) - you will be surprised how quick you will accumulate items you potentially may want to buy. Throw them in your bag and you will have both arms free to continue browsing the aisles. 
  • Really do go into Aritzia prior to and try on some of their clothes to find out your sizing. So you do not have to carry around multiple sizes to try on later!
  • There are no private changing rooms. There is an area curtained off, but it is still a communal changing room. As well, many times, girls will just start trying on clothes around the perimeter of the room. If you do not feel comfortable baring it all, I suggest wearing a tight tank and leggings so you can try on things over top. BTW it also gets very very warm in there!
  • Do not be afraid to do a round of the perimeter because a lot of the clothes that people decide to not take, end up in a giant pile that practically snakes around the entire room. You will probably find pieces that were brought out in the morning and therefore no longer found hanging on the racks. 
  • Clothing will be brought in throughout the days everyday. So items that were there on day 2 will not necessarily be found on day 1 and vice versa. It is not a bad idea to peak back in on a second day.
  • If you find a defect in an item (loose thread, missing button etc) or perhaps it is just dirty, do let the cashier know as they will reduce the price. 
  • It is a lot more fun to go with a friend so you can get their second opinion on items you are not too sure of. Also, they may just help you stick by your budget by letting you know that you do NOT need five more pairs of jeans!
Hopefully my little tips and tricks to making the most out of the Aritzia Waresale helps you all snag some amazing new pieces for your closet at unbelievable prices. Fall is approaching quick so I plan on picking up some basic Ts, joggers and sweaters. I will be sure to share with all of you the clothes I pick up from the sale because I plan on going tomorrow after work. 


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