Monday 22 August 2016

Iced Delights | Piña Colada Sundae from Beta 5

Beta 5 Ice Cream Social Pina Colada Sundae | Saturday August 20, 2016
Hey Dolls!

I am really excited to share this Beta 5 piña colada because not only was it really delicious, but I was also announced as the winner for Beta 5's weekly photo contest! Ah super duper flattered because I have been working very hard on improving my photography. 

The double scoop piña colada sundae had a scoop of coconut ice cream as well as a scoop of pineapple sorbet. For garnish, some fresh pineapple compote, tangy tropical fruit caramel, coconut chantilly and some piña colada macarons. 

Now you must be wondering, why are the piña colada macarons black in colour? The piña colada sundae gives a nod to their current The Livins Easy cream puff/eclair collection. Within the collection is a  piña colada cream puff. The pineapple curd is piped into a coconut ash choux pastry topped with some whipped coconut lime ganache. This cream puff really stands apart with its pitch black choux pastry from the use of coconut ash! Yup, charred coconut shell that is then ground into a powder gives the cream puffs as well as the macarons that ashy black colour. Coconut ash contains activated carbon and though not confirmed, the activated charcoal can act like a filter and has positive health benefits. I do need to give props to Beta5 for always being so creative with their pastry designs as well as flavour. The piña colada cream puff has created a huge buzz on social media with its intense black pastry shell. 

The coconut ice cream was smooth and had a fresh coconut flavour to it. I always appreciate Beta 5 using real ingredients in their confections since artificial flavouring can be overwhelming and never tastes like the real ingredient. The pineapple sorbet was a little icy; however, there was a heat wave in Vancouver this past Saturday so the the pineapply icy really helped keep cool me down! The macarons had a great chewy texture and a nice fruity pineapple flavour. I wish they had given us more of the tropical fruit caramel because after one bite, it was basically all gone. In place of their usual vanilla chantilly, Beta 5 went with a coconut chantilly which paired well with the tropical piña colada flavours. Since I LOVE fresh fruit, I am always happy when there is fruit compote in my sundaes; therefore, the pineapple compote was a big hit for me. 

The coolest part of the sundae though has got to be chocolate "coconut!" It was really detailed! The coconut chocolate was hollow, the shell made from two types of chocolate. The outer coating was milk chocolate while the inner coating was of white chocolate to mimick the white coconut flesh. The Beta5 time also took the time to make three little holes in the coconut as well as scratch the outside to make it look like the hairs on a coconut. 

I really cannot believe summer is coming to an end, which means Beta 5 ice cream socials will also come to a close soon. I am crossing my fingers for a coffee or mango themed sundae before the summer is up! Or what about blood orange, now that would be cool!


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