Monday 1 August 2016

Chic Finds | 17 month Agenda 17 month agenda "Lady of Leisure" in Medium
Heya Dolls!

IT IS AUGUST 2017! Which means we can all crack open our new agendas! Happy National Bando Agenda day everyone! 

For those of you that know me personally, will know that I use my agenda on a daily basis. I actually prefer a hard copy agenda because it is tangible and there is something almost official feeling when I put pen to paper. Haha that being said, I do use my iCalendar, but more on an on-again, off-again basis. 

I have been faithfully using an agenda since 8th grade.... so I have amassed 10 completely filled tattering agenda's on my bookshelf. Yes, I kept all of my agendas starting from grade 8! The current agenda I am using is a student agenda published by UBC's commerce undergraduate society. However, I find the UBC student agenda's always arrive extremely late, like around October late. And since the agenda's go from September to August, I am agenda-less for the month of September! I absolutely hate it every year; therefore, I have taken matters into my own hands and sought out the perfect agenda that meet my needs and personal preferences in layout. 

These are the boxes that my agenda needs to tick off in order to be a winner for me!

• Each month have its own large monthly view
• I prefer a layout that matches traditional school agendas aka the weekly view be on two pages with horizontal boxes.
• The agenda dimensions be not too big or not too smile, it has to be just right haha (I actually measured my current agenda with a tape measure and compared it to dimensions of the agendas I was looking at)
• Be coil bound - I like how the agenda will sit flat when opened
• Not too many extra page/layouts etc 
• A little pocket to stash things
• Extra notes pages
• Page colour be WHITE

Clean weekly view layout! Loves it!
I know, a lot of requirements! I prefer clean and simple layouts so it does not distract from the important meetings, deadlines, appointments and events that I write down. I ended up going with's 17 month medium sized agenda in the Lady of Leisure print! 

The Lady of Leisure design is a super cute white roses on a light pink. The agenda has large gold coils and the medium size is perfect for me! The week layouts are super clean black and white, but the monthly view is a little small and cluttered for me. Instead of the month of September being only September, it includes two weeks of October. This ends up making the boxes of the monthly view smaller :( Kind of annoying as well, added in a lot of random "national day of.." into the monthly view which takes up some of the already tiny boxes. 

Bummed about the monthly view :( It is really cramped and the boxes are tiny!
I use the monthly view quite a bit to plan out in advance, so I am a bit disappointed in the size of the boxes. This agenda is my also my first 17 month planner, I generally have only had 12 month planners, so this agenda is a bit thicker; therefore heavier compared to my past planners. 

The front and back cover is very sturdy so I am not worried about it ripping off! Since the agenda is so thick, the coils are larger and I am finding they easily bend. Sort of annoying, but I am sure I will get used to it. 

I love the fun quirky pages at the beginning of every new month! July 2017 "Have a Nice Brunch" is my favourite! I love a good brunch! hehe I also like that there are tabs for every new month so it is easy to flip to the section of the agenda you are wanting. 

Overall, the agenda is really cute and functional. It did end up being a little bit pricy since the Lady of Leisure in the Medium size is exclusive to's online store. So with the currency exchange from US to CAD plus shipping and handling... the agenda came close to $75! YIKES! Ah and I only realized when I saw my visa statement. Haha


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