Sunday 28 August 2016

Iced Delights | Beta 5 August 27th Corn + Blackberry Sundae

Beta 5 Ice Cream Social | August 27, 2016 Corn + Blackberry Sundae

Hey Dolls!

The first time I had corn ice cream, it was when I worked at Bella Gelateria. I actually helped my boss husk the corn and prepare it for the gelato. It was really delicious! I had a feeling Beta 5 would do their own take on corn ice cream as they have been very adventurous with their flavours this summer - guess my hunch was true! 

For this weekend's Ice Cream Social, Beta 5 served up a Corn + Blackberry Sundae. There was a scoop of "sweet jubilee" corn ice cream as well as a scoop of blackberry ripple. For garnishes, a couple of corn and blackberry jam sandwich cookies, corn flake granola, corn caramel, aerated caramelized white chocolate, corn flake chantilly and of course, some fresh blackberries! 

With a total of six different toppings, I would say I have never had a sundae with more. Since I love fresh fruit with my desserts, you can never go wrong with some fresh juicy blackberries. The granola really added some great crunchy texture to the primarily soft dessert. The corn and blackberry jam sandwich cookies were delicious. The jam was not too sweet and paired well with the shortbread corn cookies. The big brown chunks were the aerated caramelized white chocolate. It was actually soft like a dry doughy cookie. I expected it to be crunchy, but instead it crumbled in my mouth and almost melted. It was really good! The corn flake chantilly had good corn flavour and the corn caramel was delicious.

Out of the two ice crams, the blackberry swirl was my favourite since the tartness from the blackberries balanced the creamy sweet of the ice cream. The corn ice cream had really good fresh corn flavour, but as the ice cream started to melt, it really overpowered the entire sundae and all I could taste was corn. Also, I think Beta 5 should revisit their ice cream base recipe as I find it far too rich and creamy at times and sort of coats my mouth. Perhaps a lower percentage of fat in the milk they use would help! 

Overall, a spectacular sundae that really showcases Beta5's creativity with flavours. 


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