Monday 19 September 2016

Edible Obsessions | Dinner at the Nook

Hi Dolls!

Sometimes, you just need some classic comforting italian food for dinner. I was craving just that, pefectly al dente pasta with some hand tossed thing crust oven fired pizza. I was on the west end of Robson st when I spotted Nook out of the corner of my eye. I have been wanting to try Nook for quite sometime and perhaps it was meant to be that night!

Nook is an adorable little italian restaurant with amazing energy. You will see the crackling fire in the back where the Pizza Chefs prepare their decadent savoury pies. Unfortunately, like all the amazing restaurants who have limited seating, there are no reseravations at Nook. Be prepared to wait for a table and I highly suggest groups of less than 4 or you may end up waiting a long time for a table. 

Between my friend and I, we got the Ricotta pizza as well as two different pastas, the Caserrecce and Campanelle. The pizza was delicious! This was probably my first time having a white sauce pizza and I can definitely see myself ordering another one in the future. I also appreciate the Chefs at Nook being generous with the toppings because I hate when I get a pizza that was so little toppings that the pizza is essentially a cheese pizza. 

The Ricotta Pizza had a layer of white ricotta sauce which was covered by baby spinach. The pizza was finished with chopped olives, and sweet roasted garlic cloves. Be sure to ask for their chili oil. Drizzle it over your slice for more flavour!

The Caserrece is a fabulous red sauce pasta tossed with italian sausage, roasted fennel, chopped olives, tomatoes and for a little kick, chilies. This was probably the winner for me. It had great flavour and was different from pastas I have had in the past. 

The Campanelle was an olive oil based pasta with broccolini, pine nuts and Calabrian chilies. It was my first time trying a pasta with olive oil as the sauce. I liked the broccolini in the pasta; however, since there was no sauce and only olive oil, I found the Campanelle to be bland. Of course, just because I did not like it, does not mean you will not! I guess I am more of a suace sort of person! 

We were left stuffed from this meal and actually had no room for dessert! I know...CRAZY! I passed up dessert! 

I might try out Nook's second location in Kitsilano as they have a couple of different pastas. I also really just want to try their classic spaghetti Pomodoro!


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