Saturday 14 January 2017

Chic Life | Pineapple Plant


I completely forgot about this pineapple plant that had I come across last summer at the Cross Design boutique in Yaletown. I knew pineapples grew from a ground plant, but this was the first time I actually got to see one in person. It was super cute and definitely still a baby pineapple. I wonder if the same plant will produce another pineapple the following year? Either way, if The Cross Designs has another one of these plants this year, I think I am going to bring it home with me!

Also, lets not forget how huge of a trend pineapples were in 2016! You could not go a block without seeing something related to pineapples. Whether it was pineapple smoothies at a restaurant or pineapple adorned pillows at a boutique. I think the pineapples are here to stay in 2017 because I am still seeing pineapple patterned items for sale. 

It is actually really neat to see a fruit being so trendy. I wonder what will replace pineapples as the next big fad? Perhaps kale? I hope not!


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