Tuesday 3 January 2017

Edible Obsessions | Beta 5 Snowman

Beta 5 makes some of the most delicious cream puffs that I have ever had in my life. Now they have gone ahead and made their pastries extra cute by releasing this limited quantity adorable Snowman Cream Puff! I do not know for how long these cute winter themed creations are available, but I am sure you can call ahead and place an order. I just tried my luck by heading over around opening time and had no problem getting one, but they do sell out quick. Last I checked, there is even a 2 snowmen per person limit to ensure one person does not hoard all of them. 

The top puff is filled with mandarin jelly and vanilla custard while the bottom cream puff is light milk chocolate and chestnut mousse cream. Of the two flavours, the mandarin jelly and vanilla custard was my favourite as I love citrus flavours and you can never go wrong with a good vanilla custard which Beta 5 always nails. 

He is completely edible, his top hat is made from milk chocolate coloured black and his coal buttons are crispy chocolate balls. I do not know what his carrot nose was made from, but it tasted like fondant to me. I also believe the puffs were dipped in white fondant. 

I wish I picked up more than one snowman because he was delicious! Gosh, that sounds creepy! Maybe I will be able to get one more before Beta 5 discontinues them until next winter. 


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