Saturday 28 January 2017

Latte Moment | Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I usually do not get so excited about the Lunar New Year; however, this year, happens to be my year - the year of the ROOSTER! Ca-cka-dee Ca-cka-doo! Which also means I will be turning 24 this year... the years are just flying by!

I try to find any excuse I can to have delicious treats, so I put in an order at Beta 5 Chocolates for their Lunar New Year Mandarin Cream Puffs. These adorable creampuffs contained fresh mandarin orange curd, rice pudding mousse and a piece of almond-butter cake. The puffs were decorated to look like a freshly picked mandarin orange with still its stem and leaf intact.

Flavour wise, the mandarin curd was phenomenal and complimented the more subtle creamy rice pudding mousse. Being Indian, I am very familiar with the dessert rice pudding, so personally, I think it could have had more aromatic spices as it was a little one note. However, again that is coming from someone who has had a lot of rice pudding in their life. One thing I liked about this cream puff is that it was not as heavy as it did not feature a large amount of chantilly creme as their other cream puffs.

Fingers crossed for a fun and exciting year ahead for me! It is my year, and I am going to live it up!


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