Wednesday 28 March 2018

Pink Tea Latte's 3rd Birthday Celebration

Pink Tea Latte is officially three and the only way I know how to celebrate is by throwing a birthday party. Many of you have already seen pictures on Instagram (@PinkTeaLatte) from the party at Prado Cafe Fraser street location. It was a brilliant evening filled with sweets, new and old friends as well as lots of laughs. 

I am still in disbelief that my first ever event for Pink Tea Latte was such a big success. I never imagined so many individuals would come out to eat cake with me. I am always paranoid that no one will show up and frankly it does stem from childhood as I have had birthday parties where literally TWO people came. That is crushing for a 10 year old and worst, my parents had rented out a few lanes at a bowling alley for my birthday, so there were not even enough players for a lane. So yeah, I have never been the popular kid, far from it, more like the dork. As I have gotten older, my confidence has grown and this party really has boosted my self-esteem. 

I think there are a few elements that helped this birthday party be a success, but there are also a few that I would change. Before I get into that, I want to give a massive shoutout to the companies that were integral to making the event a reality. 

Firstly, Prado Cafe was such a brilliant host reserved half their space just for us. Not only did we have a private sectioned off area to ourselves, they also made us a mountain of their No Name cookies (They taste like a s’mores to me!) and my personal favourite, the Raspberry Oat Bar which is made with real fresh raspberries. On top of all that, my guests got to enjoy actual Pink Tea Lattes! It is an almond milk base beet root latte and a portion from every purchase goes to the DTES Women’s Shelter and to Cynthia’s Place in Surrey. 

Boft Canada provided all attendees a discount code for prints. Garden Party Flowers spoiled me with 5 floral arrangements. Of course no birthday is complete without a birthday cake. Noms by Mon made a massive Raspberry Chiffon cake that was encased in sweet sticky toasted meringue. She also made adorable fresh fruit custard tarts and gold painted pink macarons. 

What I Would Do Again?

Eventbrite | By having guests RSVP on Eventbrite, it helped reduce my fear of no one showing up. It also helped me ensure I did not have too many guests for the space; however, it is rare for all RSVP’s to actually attend, so I released extra tickets. Just as I had predicted, several RSVPs were no shows.  

Treat Bags | I had brought a stack of cute paper bags that I gave to all of my guests to fill with treats from the party to take home. Everyone loved this and they really loaded up, but more importantly, it reduced the amount of food going to waste. 

2-bites | All of the food was small and did not require plates and napkins aka reducing my carbon footprint. 

Simple Decor | I kept feeling like I needed decorations, but I am glad that I left it simple and did not clutter the space with balloons, streamers, confetti etc

Invitation | I am so happy with how my invitations turned out and I would definitely do them again

What I Would Change?

Hashtag | I forgot to set a hashtag for the event. 

Amount of Food | I kept thinking we would run out of food, but it ended up being three times what we needed. I need to order less food. 

PhotoBooth | I want to make a simple backdrop for everyone to take pictures against

Flowers | I had all those gorgeous arrangements, but next time, I want to spread them around the space more. Would also love to do a wall piece.

Activities | I want to have a small party game or something just to bring up the energy and make it fun - BUT everyone had an amazing time. 


Raspberry Chiffon Cake with Toasted Meringue by Noms by Mon

A Boft print of Prado Cafe's cookies
Raspberry Oat Bar from Prado Cafe
No Name cookie from Prado Cafe

Fresh Berries & Custard Tarts by Noms by Mon

All of the flowers from Garden Party Flowers
Pink Latte from Prado Cafe

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