Tuesday 27 March 2018

Temporarily Blocked on Instagram... Ummm Really?

I am going to be honest, I am guilty of being overzealous when "liking" pictures on Instagram. In the past, I have been temporarily blocked from liking posts for a 24-hour period; however, this is a completely different situation! My instagram --> @PinkTeaLatte 

This morning, during my morning commute to work, I was on the skytrain and wanted to use my few free minutes to respond to the comments that have been left on my Instagram posts. I left a total of 10 replies on three of my pictures - yes, I counted and am not grossly underestimating the number. Literally on MY OWN F*CKING POSTS! 

I think it is absolutely absurd that I am being temporarily blocked for engaging on my own account. As well 10 replies is hardly an abuse of function and I have definitely commented far more in a short period of time before, but what irks me is the fact that I am being reprimanded for commenting on my own work. Why does the Instagram community need protecting from me responding on @PinkTeaLatte as @PinkTeaLatte??? It is like they are protecting me from my own self and accounts that have chosen with their own free will to comment on my work. Also, all of the pictures on @PinkTeaLatte is original work by me. The photos are all watermarked with my name, it is my work and I give myself and my readers to comment as much as they like! 

Instagram, you need to check yourself at the door. Stop being so extra and enjoy the few moments of popularity you have before you are ultimately replaced by a new social media. So many social media companies have come before you and have been forgotten and replaced by new better social media apps. I personally want a social media app that goes back to real time posting without the bullsh*t algorithms that decide which posts deserves to be at the top of your feeds. I want chronological order feeds please! Thank you twitter for keeping it real and not trying to re-invent theirselves every few months. 

I guess for the next 24-hours I will not be able to reply to any of the comments that are left on my account. Feel free to check it out and inundate it with comments haha https://www.instagram.com/pinktealatte/ and I will reply to all of them after this temporary block is lifted. I feel like I am Monopoly Jail right now. Would love to hear your thoughts on this on the comments below because I can respond on my own blog! 


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