Tuesday 13 March 2018

Product Empties - Face and Body Moisturizers, Shampoos and more

I have amassed quite the collection of empties under my bathroom vanity, so it was about time that I got around to doing an empties review. I will be talking about my Lush empties in a completely different post because if I included them, this post would be far too long. Hopefully I get around to doing that review soon as I want to trade in my black pots for free fresh face masks as they are my all time favourite face masks! 

A couple months back Farmacy Beauty had sent me a package and within the package was this face moisturizer. Like most of their products, it contains their own special antioxidant, GreenEnvy, that is found in the honey that Farmacy's own bees make. I talk about Farmacy in detail in that POST or check out their Website

I really loved this moisturizer as it was lightweight, but still very hydrating. It was fairly unscented and the cupuaçu butter beads would blend in instantly. I am quite particular about my skincare routine; however, my mum is even harder to please and she loved this moisturizer. In fact she would often steal it from my bathroom, so if it can impress my mum, the Honey Drop is definitely worth checking out. Not to mention the packaging is gorgeous and I really loved the metal spatula that magnetically attached to the lid. 


This is my second Camellia Nut moisturizer from Aesop and I still love it. The consistency is thick, yet still you only need a small amount and it absorbs instantly into your skin. I love the pale yellow colour and my skin always feels nourished and hydrated. Since I have gone through two pots of the Camellia Nut, I want to try a different formula from Aesop, specifically the Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream because I am all about oranges. 

BODY BUTTER | Brazilian BumBum Cream

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know this was an impulse purchase from Sephora. Honestly, whoever designed Sephora's cash register lineup area deserves a raise because it is genius. The sole fact that it contained "BumBum" in the name was why I bought it. It is a very thick consistency that took some time to work into your skin. There is a strong tropical scent that I personally found overwhelming. Though the notion that the caffeine in the cream helps make your skin firmer aka give you a perky butt, I just could not get past the artificial tropical scent, so I will not be repurchasing the cream. 

SHAMPOO | DryBar Sake Bomb & the Happy Hour

I should really start doing empties reviews sooner because I do not have one, but two DryBar shampoo bottle empties. The Sake Bomb is formulated to nourish your locks while the Happy Hour preps your hair for the perfect blowout. Of the two, I prefer the Sake Bomb as it left my hair hydrated, shiny and smooth. The Happy Hour is formulated to remove any product buildup and get your hair super clean which is essential for a good Blow Out. I just would not use it as a regular use shampoo as it really does strip your of all the oils; therefore, leaving it dry and frizzy. This was my 3rd bottle of Sake Bomb and yes, I will most likely be repurchasing it in the future. The Happy Hour, not so likely as it is a bit too intense for regular use. 

CONDITIONER | DryBar Sake Bomb

When I had purchased my beloved Buttercup hairdryer from DryBar, it came with a few sample size products, one of which was this adorable Sake Bomb Conditioner. As I never really used conditioner when my hair was short, it just sat in bathroom vanity cupboard, but now that my hair is long, I find my hair needs extra hydration, so I finally got around to using this small bottle. I liked the conditioner and only ever needed to use a small amount for my ends. If I was leaving my hair long, I would repurchase it, but since I will be chopping off my locks in a months time, I might just opt for a much cheaper drugstore brand for my remaining long-haired weeks! 

SHAMPOO | Fekkai Full Blown Volume & the Reparative 

I was introduced to Fekkai via the beauty subscription box, Luxe Box. Its often found in drugstores, but a step up from the stereotypical drugstore brand. I mostly just get it when I need to save a little money aka not purchasing a shampoo 3x the price. The Reparative was far too stripping for my hair, but the Full Blown Volume is decent. Fekkai Shampoos do contain sulphates and parabens. 

BODY BUTTER | Egg Mellow

Korea is renowned for its skincare products, so much so, that women stock up on K-Beauty products when they are in Korea. About a year ago, Nordstrom had a K-Beauty Pop-in where I picked up this and many other products - I think I spent $250 that day! Egg Mellow Body Butter by Too Cool for School is a formulated with both egg yolk and egg white extracts, shea butter and 7 different oils. It is a thick fluffy body butter that is pale yellow with not much of a scent. Even after taking the time to work it into my skin, I could feel a layer still on top and in fact when I would shower the next day, I could feel the body butter still on my legs and arms. The description on Sephora states that it "forms a protective barrier on skin for lasting moisture retention," so it may just have been designed to do this. I just prefer a body moisturizer that soaks into my skin and not just sit on the surface and then wash off in the shower. I will not be repurchasing the Egg Mellow. 

BODY WASH | Whipping by A'pieu

I had picked up the Whipping Body Wash as part of my crazy splurge at the K-Beauty Pop-In. I really love cows and find them adorable hence why this ended up in my basket. Body wash is basically suppose to just get your skin clean, so it should be pretty hard to mess up. This Whipping one was more like a cheap hand soap, just too harsh and drying. It is no longer available at Nordstrom, but more weirdly it does not show on A'pieu's webpage. Perhaps a sign of a failed product. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts are.


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