Friday 17 January 2020

There is snow in Vancouver and I am loving it!

We finally have snow in Vancouver! Can you believe it? We have snow in Vancouver and it is actually sticking. I do not remember the last time we had a snowfall that lasted beyond a day or two. I think we are on day four of actual snow still blanketing fields and rooftops. 

Now I am a snow lover, but for every snow lover like me, there are probably five snow dreaders in Vancouver. Yup, the number of people that completely freak out over snow in Vancouver outnumber snow lovers like me. Sorry, cannot relate, I just love the snow. It is magical, beautiful and I can run around in it all day! Also, when snow falls from the sky in big gauzy white puffs, it feels like a magical Disney movie moment! 
Waking up in the morning and seeing the neighbourhood blanketed in snow is always magical. Everything feels calm and serene, like a wonderful dream. I also think snow naturally dampens sound, so everything feels a lot quieter outdoors or the sight of snow simply scared people off the streets. Either way, things always feel calmer and quieter in the otherwise busy streets of Vancouver. 

I do not blame Vancouverites for hating the snow because the city falls into shambles. It is honestly quite comical how ill-prepared the municipalities are in the Lower Mainland considering how the rest of Canada AND our province, British Columbia, get heaps of snow each year! Gosh, it is hard not to be embarrassed by our feeble attempts of keeping the city functioning in the foot of snow. For as many years that I can remember, the Skytrains stop running due to ice buildup on tracks, trolley busses come to a standstill as the lines freeze and the other busses simply just get stuck in the snow. My favourite year was when the city announced that they had run out of road salt, so they no longer could keep the main roads ice-free. WHOOPS! Now that is poor planning. 

Even though our city nearly comes to a standstill by the snow, it is actually kind of nice because it forces us to slow down. Even if it is only for a day, the snow makes us all calm down and take a moment to ourselves. It is nice to just call it a snow day and not step out for unnecessary errands or lunch dates or mindlessly roaming the mall aka me. The snow is an excuse for all of us to relax and just take a moment for ourselves.  

Unfortunately like with all good things, my snow dreams are going to be coming to an end soon. The forecast shows the return of Vancouver's infamous rain. Buckets and buckets or rain for the next week. I am sorry, but who picks rain over snow? I am really crossing my fingers that we will get one more glimpse of snow before Spring 2020 arrives. In the past, Vancouver has gotten a day or two of snow in February! We shall see! 


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