Friday 10 January 2020

Top Nine Instagram Pictures of 2019 vs. My Personal Favourites

I love seeing my Top Nine Instagram posts, so I could not wait to see which nine pictures were most loved in 2019. Now Top Nine shows me the pictures YOU loved the most, so I thought it would be fun to share the pictures I loved the most from 2019. As some of you already know, I am a hobbyist photographer and I put in a great deal of energy into my pictures. Every picture I post is special to me because it is my way of sharing a special moment, event, or time in my life or just some straight-up delicious fantastic drool-worthy food! 

A quick examination of the Top Nine 2019 generated for @PinkTeaLatte (show me a little love and check out my Instagram! ) shows that everyone loves food, but specifically more of the "professional-style" photographs I took of the Mandarin Curd Rice Pudding Cream Puffs from Beta 5 and the giant cookie cakes I made for my blog's fourth birthday. Cutesy "instagramable" food is also really beloved like the flamingo puff and the mermaid hot chocolate. And then straight up epic food spreads like the My Balcony Breakfast from the Four Seasons Resort Whistler which I would also say I styled to be more editorial/professional. Thankfully I made the cut too and yall love me just a tiny bit because I popped up holding a massive white avalanche rose!

The weirdest picture in my top nine for 2019 would be my "top nine from 2018" picture. Hmmm seems a little suspicious. Is the program automatically plucking the previous top nine pictures? My little conspiracy... Shane Dawson, any thoughts? 

My Personal Top Nine 2019:

1. My Balcony Breakfast at The Four Seasons Resort Whistler
2. Mandarin Rice Pudding Cream Puffs
3. Channelling my inner demon at Potter's House of Horrors
4. Tipsy Snowman Hot Chocolate from The Four Seasons Whistler
5. Goofing around in a hammock at Diner en Blanc
8. Dancing with Rainbow Streamers for Pride
9. Vegan Grasshopper at Key Party

If I had to choose my favourite nine posts from 2019, only the Mandarin Rice Pudding Cream Puff picture and the My Balcony Breakfast from the Four Seasons Whistler would be the same. I am also obsessed with the Tipsy Snowman hot chocolate from the Four Seasons Whistler because every time I see them, I cannot help but break into a smile because to me they appear to be lounging in a pool of hot cocoa.

Every now and then I like to get a bit artsy and was really proud of the look I achieved with my Potter's House of Horrors picture. The fog just starting to creep upwards and the glowing graffitied hall made for a unique setting. As much as I loved embracing my creepiness because after all, I am an October baby, the remaining 11 months of the year, I like to be simultaneously fun, silly and crazy. Throw in my obsession with hammocks, you know I had to pick the picture from Diner en Blanc. 

I completed my second half-marathon in 2019, so no duh I am going to be proud of my 2019 SeaWheeze Medal because I dragged my aching body across that finish line! I posted a lot of food in 2019 because I eat a lot, three times a day plus snacks and dessert and more snacks. I finally got to try Japanese-style fluffy pancakes and wow, my life has been changed forever. Fufú Café is also stunning and really made for gorgeous photos. 

Photographing in dim lighting is a constant struggle for me, but I am proud of how the Vegan Grasshopper cocktail from Key Party turned out. The rich mint green colour, to the facets of the crystal glass to the verticality of the pour. I just really loved how the picture turned out against the dark background. Lastly, I think I killed it with the rainbow streamers! I am no model, but I worked those streamers and flung them around making for some really cool pictures. Love everyone everyday! 


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