Wednesday 4 December 2019

3-Day Mini Vacation at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler

Four Seasons Resort Whistler - one of many cute details
Living in Vancouver has its perks. We have access to the most stunning temporal rainforest-covered mountains, some of the best weather year-round and Canada's largest ski resort, Whistler, is just two hours away by a car making it perfect for a quick getaway. I was in desperate need of a mini-vacation to decompress and re-energize, so I hopped online and booked myself a 3-day stay at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Whistler

There is so much I want to share with you all about my stay at the Four Seasons as it was beyond amazing - simply magical! The customer service at the Four Seasons is top notch and you would be hardpressed to find better and the building itself is grand, furnished with warm walnut wood, plenty of crackling fires and perhaps the largest covered valet entrance I will ever see in my life. Since the hotel is nestled amongst the mountains secluded in the Upper Village, you get the most unbelievable views. 


I had booked and paid in full for the Premier Room 1 king-sized bed which is considered the Four Seasons' standard room, but I was in for a delightful surprise because the Four Seasons had given me a complimentary upgrade to their Executive Suite! I love how they did not tell us during check-in but instead allowed us to be genuinely surprised when we walked into the room. I think my friend and I spent a good ten minutes screaming, jumping and running around the suite in pure excitement because it is not every day you get to stay in such a beautiful room. The Executive Suite had a mini hallway, coat/gear closet, small bathroom, giant living room with a fireplace, private balcony, detached master bedroom, walk-in closet and a ginormous master bathroom. Did I mention we had a doorbell, our suite was so large that it required its own doorbell!!! 

The Four Seasons Resort Whistler has undergone a massive remodelling and their newly renovated rooms were officially unveiled the week I booked my stay which was another happy surprise. The new rooms pay homage to the Pacific West Coast featuring dark wood trim, live-edge coffee tables, mustard accent pillows and rich brown leather chairs which are offset by a cream tweed couch (pulls out into a bed), neutral walls and flooring. I low-key want my future apartment to look like this suite at the Four Seasons Whistler because it was chic yet inviting. 

Aside from the doorbell - so totally gangster - the Executive Suite had legitimate ceiling lights. Now judge me all you want, but every time I have stayed at a hotel, I have had to rely on dinky little lamps to illuminate my room in the dark. So call me weird, but I appreciate the Four Seasons giving me a real ceiling light in the living room AND bedroom. 


The Four Seasons Whistler just understands me on a deeper level because they offer the most spectacular in-room breakfast service. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and the option to have it in the comfort of my own room in my cozy pyjamas is essentially my definition of heaven. You can read more about the scrumptious breakfast tower I had at the Four Seasons Whistler HERE as I did an entire post dedicated to it! 

On the main floor of the Four Seasons Whistler is Sidecut a modern steakhouse and bar. During the day it is more of a casual lounge and bar setting and in the evening they open up the steakhouse. A fair amount of the menu is available for in-room dining which is what I went with because I live for room service. Guests staying at the Four Seasons are also invited to a complimentary wine tasting at the bar 4 PM daily and you can roast s'mores in the courtyard by their cute little camper 5 PM daily. They also do the cutest spiked hot chocolates that are aptly named the Tipsy Snowman. I feel like this is a must and you need to sip one fireside. 


The Four Seasons Whistler is revered for its service and offerings including the highly-raved heated outdoor pool, 3 hot tubs and super cute sauna. I spent time in the pool and hot tubs on all three days. The hot tubs are piping hot, but I preferred the warm pool which is quite astonishing considering I am someone who is chronically cold. The "Y" shaped pool is cleverly designed with angular shapes allowing patrons to find their own private space. But do not let the heaps of steam rising from the pools and hot tubs fool you because it is still cold in Winter, so I and many others did wear a toque. 

The pools are part of the Four Seasons Whistler's gorgeous Spa which offers a variety of treatments like facials, wraps and massages, so if you have your heart set on a particular treatment, I highly advise booking it ASAP as it is normal for them to be completely booked. I made the rookie mistake of trying to book a facial on the day of and not surprisingly, the Spa was full. Adjacent to the spa is a fancy gym which I ignored because I was on vacation! 

The Four Seasons Whistler is situated in Upper Village of Whistler Village's three sections. Most of the shopping and restaurants are in Village Centre and Village North which are a 20-minute walk from the Upper Village. The Four Seasons offers a continuous 10-minute looping shuttle for their guests that drops off and picks up in Whistler Village so if you are tired or plain lazy like me, just call the concierge and they will happily direct you to the nearest pick-up point. The hotel also has several fancy house cars that they will dispatch to pick you up or drop you off like from the bus-loop for when you might have luggage or gear. 

Something I did not personally use as I went the week before the slopes officially opened is the hotel's Ski Concierge as well their in-house Whistler Blackcomb gear rental. Now that the mountains are covered in fresh snow, I am certain you will be wanting to do a couple of runs. The rental shop is located inside the hotel, so guests can rent equipment and have all adjustments and fittings done without having to go to Whistler Village. What is cooler is that the Four Seasons has a Ski Concierge by the gondola entrance to which the hotel offers a shuttle. The hotel will also transport and store all your gear for you at the Ski Concierge, so you will not have lug any gear. Lastly, the Ski Concierge keeps hot chocolate and snacks ready for guests to enjoy after your runs. 


The little things that make me smile are usually what I cherish and love the most. During my stay at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler, they made me smile quite a bit. When we arrived at the room, hot tea was waiting for us as well as snacks. Each guest is given a pair of white Four Seasons slippers which literally were a game-changer. I wore them during my entire stay including when I was walking around the hotel and down to the spa and pool. They are meant to be disposable so by the end of my stay they were worn out. The mirrors in the bathroom are "smart." With the press of a button, they turn into massive ring-lights with various light intensities. 

On the second night, we stepped out for 20-minutes, max 30-minutes and within that time, housekeeping came, completely cleaned the room including folding my dirty clothes from my Superfly Ziplining adventure - read post here! - and placing my now folded dirty clothes back in the same spot on the floor. So cute! But how did they know when we left and how did they finish the turndown before we were back? Again proving the Four Seasons Whistler team is magical. 

If you have a few hours to kill between check-out and your bus or flight, the Four Seasons will give you access to their spa. The Spa has shower facilities and lockers, so I got to soak in the heated outdoor pool one more time before heading to the bus loop. This is also when I discovered the special spa robes that are satin lined with fleece. Seriously luscious robes.

My stay at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler is my favourite hotel experience to date. As cheesy as this is going to sound, the truth this, my only complaint would be that my stay was not a few nights longer! I had so many cute photo ideas that I did not get around to capture because I was too busy exploring and having fun at the hotel. In fact, whoops, I really should have taken a lot more photos. If you want to see more, I did do a "room tour" and it is saved to my Instagram stories (@PinkTeaLatte). 

Also if the Four Seasons Resort Whistler wants to send me one of those Spa Robes, I will gladly take one!


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