Sunday 15 December 2019

Discover Unique Oddities at 2019 The Weirdos Holiday Market

Have you ever been baffled as to what to get that one friend of yours because they are just .... weird? I myself happen to be a weirdo and I am happy to say that I am weird and proud! This year I discovered a new market, the 2019 Weirdos Holiday Market. It is hosted by This Monkey's Gone to Heaven and today,  December 15th, 2019 is their final day. You have until 5 PM to pop by the Ukranian Cathedral Church on West 10th, just off of Main Street to take to discover "Oddities, Trinkets and Scientific Interests."

Most people would say I am a preppy girl, which is true, but I have always been fascinated by unique weird objects. I just find it fascinating and something interesting that we do not often see. At the market, there were lots of taxidermy, sculptures made from real bones, and mounted butterflies. One of the vendors makes statues out of various animal bones. I loved the Chameleon and it comes with the most stunning glass dome making it ready to display. I was pretty close to bringing it home! 

I also loved the pottery artist who does bowls and mugs with the most luscious glazed lips. The lips look so real and the pottery glaze makes it look like the lips have a shiny lipgloss on them. Something that is not particularly creepy, but I have always loved is the Ukranian hand-painted eggs. They make the most stunning tree ornaments and it is hard to believe that they actually are a real eggshell! Definitely handle with care. 

The creepy leather monsters were pretty darn cute in their own way. They had these big glass eyes. The monsters are all crafted right here in Vancouver and they are gorgeous. I can totally see it being a fabulous gift for someone that is into fantasy creatures. There is also a lovely soapmaker who makes the most adorable holiday-themed soaps. I really enjoyed the one with the Grinch face! I went through a phase where I used to watch Youtube videos are on people making decorative soaps, so these were just up my alley. 

I wanted to get this post up ASAP since today is the final day and by the time this post goes live, I think there will be less than 5 hours for you to pop by. Now the good thing is, if you do miss out on the Weirdo's Holiday Market, a lot of their neat and unique offerings can be found at the shop, This Monkey's Gone to Heaven. 


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