Monday 23 December 2019

Fabulous Gifts for $50 or Less

The under $50 gift guide is my favourite gift guide because it includes items that are fun, silly and understated. The male versus female gift guides always end up being very gender-specific and as much as I try every year, it still happens. Perhaps next year, I will stick to making gifts of different price tiers. 

I am loving the cross-stitch kits and have already purchased three from Stranded Stitch (review coming soon!) What makes these stand out for me are the fun quirky designs like La Croix, Llamas, plants, Frida Kahlo and so on. The 365 days of Art, Creativity or Drawing are fabulous little books that have a daily prompt for a small sketch. Calendars may not seem like the most exciting gift, but the Rifle Paper Co. calendars are definitely more of a "premium luxury paper goods." This is great for someone who likes to make notes in calendars because most Rifle Paper Co calendars are made with a paper that can be written on, not a glossy paper that causes the ink to smear. 

For the baker or cook in your life, The Kate Spade Recipe Binder would make a lovely present. Help them organize their favourite recipes all in one place in the stylish citrus print book. I am also obsessed with this set of Pearlescent Finished Swirl Coupes from Chapters Indigo. The shape of the stemware gives me Great Gatsby Vibes, but instead of gold, they have been updated with a modern pearlescent chic finish. 

I always find skincare and beauty products make great gifts, but only if the person is into it! Handcream is a safe bet. Vancouver winters are very dry, so cute hand cream is great and you can pair it with a nourishing lip balm. Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm is always a safe bet and it is now available in a tube format! I always find lip balms in tins get really gross and overtime dust and particles become embedded within it. 

A picture frame may seem silly, but with a photograph, it can make a really meaningful gift. Also, I find we no longer print pictures, our memories live in our electronic devices, so it is a nice change to print and hang a cherished memory! 

If they are into plants, pick out a cute planter. This drip planter has a lovely white speckled pink glaze making it a lovely home for a plant as well as a lovely piece of decor. I am also obsessing over the puffy slippers from Nordstrom. Afterall, puffy jackets are all the rage this year, so why not puffy slippers to match! They even come in a wicked oil spill rainbow colour. 

The final item in my gift guide is a Beaver float. How Canadian eh? Obviously created by my favourite Canadianna brand - Roots! Because it is never too early to start planning for hot summer days lounging poolside. 

I have included a few more items below that I think would make a fun gift. I would love to hear from you if you end up going with one of my gift suggestions or if you have a gift idea of your own! 


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