Monday 16 December 2019

H2 Rotisserie & Bar serving up Holiday Movies and Dinner

Holiday Movie Night at H2 Rotisserie & Bar at The Westin Bayshore

What are the holidays without a couple of holiday movies? In fact, holiday movies are the only kind of movie that I am able to re-watch over and over without getting bored. H2 Rotisserie & Bar within The Westin Bayshore is showing beloved holiday movies on Mondays leading up to Christmas.

This past Monday I made a reservation for their 6:00 PM screening of The Holiday and it was an absolute blast! The team at H2 Rotisserie rearranged he furniture in the lounge. Their comfy velvet couches were positioned in front of a large screen on which they projected the movie onto. Each couch had its own table, so you can kick back, relax and eat while you watch the movie. They are also doing this adorable hot chocolate cart during the movies which come with a plethora of cute toppings and if you are looking for more of an adult beverage, you can have the hot chocolate spiked from the bar.
We started with the Shout A Little Chowda which is a clam and corn chowder finished with double-smoked bacon, corn relish and tarragon Verde and comes with their house-crafted buttermilk biscuit. It was creamy and wonderfully warm. This was my first time having chowder, so I am not an expert, but I thought it was tasty.

What I was really looking forward to was the Maple Hill Farms Smoked Chipotle Quarter Chicken! Oh, it was delicious! The free-range chicken has a smoked chipotle rub and this amazing sticky sweet honey glaze. To accompany your rotisserie chicken you get to select two sides, but I could not decide so I chose three! We had the Chef Paine's famous rosti, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and their roasted ginger-cashew carrots. The quarter chicken also comes with one of their buttermilk biscuits and an adorable little pitcher of gravy.

Of the three, the roasted garlic mashed potatoes were my least favourite as I found them to be dry. If you need your potato fix, go with Chef Paine's famous rosti because the crust is unbelievably crispy and the inside is moist and soft. Now the real winner for me that evening were the roasted ginger-cashew carrots! They had the most divine sticky-sweet glaze and come with a garnish of toasted cashews. Also, these were the fancy carrots, the thin carrots with the green stem still visible. Oh and carrots are my favourite vegetable, so I have high standards for my carrots, so thank you H2 Rotisserie team for doing my favourite vegetable justice. 

I love a little fizzy when I go out for dinner, so I had one of H2 Rotisserie's house sodas. The Strawberry and Basil is delicious and comes in a dramatically tall glass. After our table was cleared, we finished with a hot chocolate from their cute hot chocolate cart. Now let me tell you, this is quality hot chocolate because it is made with milk making for a richer creamier more delicious hot chocolate. If you are wanting an adult hot chocolate, there are plenty of liquors to choose from, but I kept mine as is and decided to go crazy on the toppings. Whipped cream, chocolate curls, sprinkles and silver candy balls --- YES PLEASE! 

If you know me, you know I could not leave without dessert, so after a bit of digesting because it was quite a bit of food, I ordered myself their Rule of Three, Tres Leches cake. It is a milk-soaked vanilla cake with whipped cream and coconut. This is the first time I have had a dessert like this. It is a creamy-milky flavour, not too sweet with the most phenomenal texture that is tough to describe. All I know is that I want to know what the layer above the milk-soaked sponge is because it cannot just be whipped cream. I also loved the toasted shredded coconut as it brought a lovely crunchy texture to the otherwise smooth soft dessert. Please try it and let me know if you love it as much as I did! 

Holiday Movie Night at H2 Rotisserie & Bar was such a fun time for me. I hope you all are able to make it out to one of their showings because it is fun to lounge on the couch, eat a luxurious dinner while watching a classic holiday movie. My only complaint, I wish I had room at The Westin Bayshore because all I wanted to do was curl up in a cozy bed after and not have to bus an hour home in the cold to Richmond.


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