Tuesday 7 January 2020

Year In Review 2019 Edition

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Wishing each and every one of you a fabulous 2020 and the start of a new decade.

Before pressing forward with 2020, I wanted to take the time to reflect on 2019. Both the HIGHS and the terrible LOWS. 

HIGH: New Job
I finally mustered up the courage to apply for a position I had been eyeing for over a year. I should have applied sooner because I landed the position and have been working there for half a year now. 

LOW: Burnt Out Millennial
I always think I can do it all, but in reality, I am only human and ultimately ended up severely burning myself out. Perhaps three jobs plus a blog plus school was a little too much for me. I did finally say goodbye to one position and I am hoping to leave another position later this year too. 

Being invited to join a fabulous group of females for a 24-hour media trip in Whistler was something I never imagined I would get to do! On this trip, I also got to relax at the famous Scandinavian Spa, go on a Tree Walk and spend the night at Pangea, a pod hotel in the heart of Whistler Village. 

LOW: @PinkTeaLatte Instagram Lost Momentum
2019 was very busy and it was tough for me to keep a consistent posting schedule on Instagram. Instagram continues to undergo various algorithm changes that have made it challenging to get visibility. At this point, Instagram really bums me out because I put in a great deal of work into my photography.  

I snuck away for a three-day mini-vacation to Whistler which unexpectantly evolved into a wonderful opportunity with The Four Seasons Resort Whistler! It was my very first time staying with the Four Seasons and after such a phenomenal experience, I will forever be loyal to the Four Seasons in Whistler. Not to mention their Balcony Breakfast still makes me drool as it was delicious. 

LOW: My 26th Birthday Bash Upsetting Turnout
I love having an excuse to get together with friends. I have always been obsessed with Denny's so I invited several of my friends to join me for some classic breakfast deliciousness. Only 1 friend showed up plus a french bulldog. Needless to say, it broke my heart and I cried for a solid 15 minutes in our booth because it hurt. It genuinely hurt me. This may just be the last time I celebrate my birthday again. 

I am not a runner, so being able to complete my second half marathon is a huge achievement for me. The last 8 KMs were brutal. Downright miserable, but when you cross the finish line and have the one of a kind medal placed around your neck makes the entire gruelling experience totally worth it. 

LOW: Not Visiting a Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard 

If it is not obvious already, 2019 was one hell of a busy year for me. I am absolutely crushed that I did not visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard in the fall. But I also recall October being a particularly rainy month, so each time I had intended to go, the weather was terrible. 

HIGH: A Night Inside Spirit Spheres
The great thing about working a lot means you can save up money for cool experiences. I had seen Spirit Spheres on Instagram and I knew someday I just had to go, so I did in August and slept in a giant hand-crafted sphere hung high up in a tree south of Nanaimo near Coombs, B.C. I never got around to blogging about it - maybe I should do that soon. 

HIGH: Potter's, Superfly Ziplining, Key Party, Diner en Blanc, Fufu Cafe
2019 was filled with phenomenal opportunities and activities, so many that they are hard to sum up in one post. I braved and survived Potter's House of Horrors, managed to be cool for once and go to a hidden bar that only those "in the know" know about - Key Party. Finally got around to doing Diner en Blanc where I felt like a princess. I had my very first ziplining experience with Superfly in Whistler!!! I had a private tasting of Fufu Cafe's entire fluffy pancake menu and am forever obsessed with them. 

This list ended up being much longer than I anticipated, but I am glad I did it because it inadvertently allowed me to reflect and appreciate all the wonderful memories - some not so great memories - in 2019. Talking the LOWS is not fun; however, I am going to treat it as a learning exercise. Hopefully, change my LOWS from 2019 into HIGHS in 2020!


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