Friday 6 March 2020

Indulging in Pasta and Art Deco at Toronto's Oretta

I love getting out of Vancouver and going to a different city because the food scene is new and exciting to me. Vancouver is starting to feel a bit boring to me because I have tried most places and many of the new restaurants to be similar in style and cuisine. So in Toronto, I have yet to still discover many of the restaurants, cafes and boutiques! On this trip, I was only able to tick off a couple from my list, one of which was Oretta. Prior to flying out east, I asked a couple of bloggers which restaurants they recommend and Oretta was on the top of everyone's list. 

Situated in Toronto's King West area, Oretta, simply put is beautiful. The dramatic arched ceiling to the gorgeous gold-gilded pink art deco accent walls and a massive horseshoe-shaped bar with with a pink and gold marble countertop. It is hard not to find yourself in awe of Oretta's interior because pictures cannot do the grandeur yet effortless class justice. 

Oretta's menu is grounded in authentic Italian cuisine with a modern touch. I had popped in on a Thursday morning thinking I would get to enjoy a lovely quiet brunch, but for some reason, it never once occurred to me brunch is a weekend special. Completely my oversight, but I was not disappointed because the pasta was scrumptious. 

At first glance, the Mushroom Ravioli could be mistaken for egg yolks. They were that perfectly round plus the rich yellow hue only further added to the ravioli resembling egg yolks. They were filled with fresh ricotta and served with a luscious rich mushroom sauce. I cannot stress how rich in flavour the Mushroom Ravioli is. Butter has to be the primary ingredient in the sauce because it was silky smooth velvety goodness. 

My cousin went with their three-course lunch menu. To start she had Oretta's soup of the day which was vegan gluten-free cauliflower soup. I do not know how Oretta did it, but their Cauliflower soup was amazing and it still blows my mind to think that it was actually vegan. How did they make it so rich and creamy?! 

The Margarita Pizza was great, but I feel like if you are an upscale Italian restaurant, a Margarita Pizza should be easy enough to do. To finish off her three-course meal was the cutest ittiest bittiest orange-scented pistachio cannoli. We had a bite each and it was yummmmm 

11AM felt a little too early for cocktails, but I really do want to return to Oretta to try their cocktails. I can only imagine how pretty they all must be! After all, their bar had the cutest little garnish station. What is in that vintage perfume bottle? Gold dust for cocktails? Who knows! 


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