Thursday 25 February 2021

16 Vancouver Neighbourhoods team up for the Love Your City initiative

 Meandering around Vancouver neighbourhoods is my favourite way to spend an afternoon. All of the neighbourhoods are distinct with their own personality, community, vibe, aesthetic and food. Love Your City is a new initiative launched in collaboration with 16 Business Improvement Associations. 

16 Vancouver Neighbourhoods:

There are fun unique colourful installations celebrating LOVE in all forms in each of these neighbourhoods. The giant sweetheart candy decals and statues are vibrantly coloured with LOVE related text, some cheeky, some cutesy. 

I thought this was only taking place up until Valentine's day, but it turns out, Love Your City is continuing till the end of February! Which means there are a couple more days to experience the marvellous installations in the various Vancouver neighbourhoods. 

I visited West 4th and found the L O V E statue in front of Leis de Buds. Up in the trees were red umbrellas with "Spread Love" printed across them. Who knew umbrellas could be so wise! Being the flower obsessed person that I am, I had to wander into the flower shop. Leis de Buds has a swing chair! I literally would have hung out in that chair all day, but it would have been creepy to do so. 

I also ventured out to Mount Pleasant where I found another installation. Bright red umbrellas hung above with patio lights criss-crossing between. This was just off of Main Street on 11th Avenue in front of another flower shop, Blossom and Vine Floral. How is it that I always manage to find myself at flower shops? I really do have a flower addiction I tell you! 

Some installations have been removed like the LOVE marquee lights on Robson Street as well as their pretty backdrop with the lavender bike and flowers. Most likely because leaving them outside unmonitored means the installations are susceptible to vandalism. Which makes me sad that people would deface pretty things in our city. 

Do let me know if you check out any of the Love Your City art! They are also running a contest via Instagram, so do not forget to enter. 


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