Friday 12 February 2021

Heart-Shaped Pizza and Italian Peroni Beer for the Ultimate Romantic Gesture Courtesy of Pizzeria Farina

Nothing says "I Love You" like pizza and beer! With just a few days to go until Valentine's day, Pizzeria Farina is stretching dough into the shape of a heart to share with your sweetheart and to complete your romantic night, every order comes with Italian Peroni Beer. 

The team behind Pizzeria Farina are juggernauts in Vancouver's Italian food scene. Sister restaurants include Ask for Luigi and CaffĂ© Di Beppe, both of which I have dined at multiple times, so I can attest to their deliciousness! The original Pizzeria Farina is on the cusp of Chinatown and will be celebrating their 9th birthday on August 18th! The team at Farina take pride in their Italian pies and swear the secret to a stellar pizza is striking the delicate balance between the dough, sauce and toppings because if there are too many toppings, the flavour of the dough gets lost. Now of course, the foundation to all good food is high quality ingredients. Their Northern Italian-inspired pizzas start with a base of local Anita's organic flour which is mixed with rye and red fyfe. After a 24-hour fermentation period, the dough has deepened in flavour and is ready for toppings. Farina's tomato sauce is made with Italian San Marzano tomatoes and flavoured with salt, pepper, garlic and chilli flakes. 

One of my favourite parts of being a blogger is meeting and speaking with the individuals behind the food or business, so I was ecstatic to chat with Pizzeria Farina's Executive Chef Alessandro Vianello. I do not think he was prepared for my hard-hitting journalism aka the most random list of questions he has probably been sent by a PR company to answer. His answers are glorious, so I am going to insert them as is!

  1. Do you eat the crust or No? Always.  Our dough is so delicious.
  2. Your favourite pizza and how do you eat it (do you add any extra sauces/garnishes?) My favourite is the Calabrese. I don’t add anything to it, I like it just the way it is.
  3. How many pizzas could you eat in one sitting? Lol. I can easily put back one. Can people do more than that?
  4. Who makes a better pizza, Toronto or Vancouver? Vancouver, obviously. 
  5. How do you feel about pineapples on a pizza?  Not a discussion lol. Doesn’t belong at all.

It seems like Chef and I only agree on number 4, the West Coast is hands down the Best Coast, so Vancouver's pizza will always be wayyyyy better than Toronto. In fact, anything that Toronto does, Vancouver can do better! FACTS

The Calabrese is a tomato sauce base with soppressota, fior di latte, nicoise olives and oregano. Great choice, but I prefer the classic Margherita which is tomato sauce, fior di latte, fresh basil and a drizzle of oil. But now this is where things get controvesial. I am certain Chef Alessandro is going to be shaking his head at me, but I am a weird person! Yes your dough is delicious, but I never eat the crust in fact, I tend to not eat the crust on sandwiches either.

Pizza purists consider pineapple on pizza to be sacrilegious. It comes as no surprise that Chef Alessandro views pineapple on pizza to be completely out of the question......well..... I like pineapple on my pizza! I am sorry chef! 

Now till Valeinte's Day 2021, Pizzeria Farina is offering:

  • Margherita in the shape of a heart 
  • Current Special - Lombardia, Ti Amo - bechamel sauce base with braised onions, maple-roasted butternut squash, mozzarella cheese, crana padano cheese and lardo. 

Each can be ordered as a combo with Italian Peroni Beer!


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