Wednesday 17 February 2021

Marché Mon Pitou the newest addition to South Granville

I absolutely adore French cafés for their laid back atmosphere, delicious pastries and cute aesthetics. South Granville's newest addition is no exception. Marché Mon Pitou will give you major "Emily In Paris" the surprise Netflix hit show. 

The cafe shines bright like a rich green emerald set in yellow gold, a bold colour scheme. My favourite design element is the use of Pitou, the owner's adorable English bulldog as the cafés official mascot. Marché Mon Pitou is more than just a café, it is a triple threat as a grocer and bistro too. The space inside is small boasting a massive central table that was overflowing with baskets of fresh produce leaving three tiny tables for indoor seating. 

Marché Mon Pitou had only been open for three days when I visited, so they were still in the process of rolling out their full menu. Which meant no bistro menu for me, but the espresso machine was steaming up drinks. Unfortuantely Matcha Lattes are not on offer, so that was a bit of a bummer for me. In the display case were an assortment of laminated dough classics like croissants, chocolatines as well as other sweet delights like cakes and fudgey brownies. I grabbed the Pain Aux Raisin and a slice of the carrot cake slathered in cream cheese frosting. The pastry was a buttery flaky masterpiece. Carrot cake was also yumm, but just a touch too sweet for me. Now there is a bistro menu which includes breakfast sandwiches and more, but it was not on offer that day. Also on the back wall looked like bread loaf racks, so my guess is in the future there will be freshly baked loaves on offer too. 

Lastly, we need to take a moment to discuss Marché Mon Pitou's restroom because it is EXTRODINARY. Never thought I would become so enamoured by a loo. Shiny deep emerald tiles line the walls, a tiny table props up a basket of fluffy white hand towels and a gorgeous array of pink and white flowers. Cute little lights flank the small sink that is outfitted with a shiny gold faucet. 


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  1. You had me at French cafe, espresso machine + flaky masterpiece! Sounds devine!