Saturday 5 November 2022

McDonald's Boo Buckets 2022 Complete Collection

The internet has been going mad for the McDonal's Boo Buckets and it was not until I was gifted the McBoo for my birthday did I suddenly develop the urge to acquire all three and complete my collection! The Boo Buckets have been released around Halloween on a number of occasions, with 1986 being their debut year. 

After many years of reiterations, some great, others downright awful, the Boo Buckets have officially returned in 2022 since their last release in 2016! Maybe McDonalds needed the 6 year break because they have completely revamped the buckets and drawn inspiration from the amazing designs from the 80s and early 90s before everything became commercialized and cringe. 

The 1986 Halloween Pails were orange with three jack-o-lantern face variations and also came with a lid. In 1989, the pails were given a makeover and this time, there was a green and white pail dubbed McWitch and McGhost. The 1990 McGhost glowed in the dark which is EPIC and needs to make a return. 1992 had another major redesign and this time the lids doubled as a cookie cutter. I am not a fan of the faces from this collection as they did not look as cute. 1994 had the weirdest Halloween Pails with the McWitch turning purple, and the other two looking like a sloppy mess. The pails went on a hiatus returning in 1999, but this time only two pails with the McDonald's iconic characters in wrap-around scenes. If 1994 was bad, 1999 was a dumpster fire. The pails continued to return throughout the 2000s with various popular cartoons as their themes like Scooby-Doo and Monster High and obviously a Minions version because Minions basically brainwashed all children. The final Boo Buckets were the Peanuts-themed ones in 2016 after which McDonalds stopped releasing them until this year! If you want to see more pictures and details, check out All Recipes - weirdly enough they did a fantastic timeline breakdown of the Halloween Pails. 

The USA released the pumpkins a week prior to Canada, but I remained patient and optimistic and was able to pick up the remaining two designs on the morning of the release. My friend was far more dedicated to the cause and had raced across the border to acquire the McBoo for himself and his friends.

The McPunk'n is the orange jack-o-lantern; McBoo is white with round ghostly expressions; and McGoblin is green complete with a witch's hat and hair. Unlike the old vintage releases of the 80's and 90's which had physical lids, the 2022 Halloween pails have a plastic piece attached to the handle to give an illusion of a lid. Each pail has three facial expressions wrapped around the belly of the bucket. 

It is hard to pick a favourite because all three of them are cute! I thought I would gravitate towards one of them, but I genuinely like all three. I am definitely keeping them for years to come and are now a part of my Halloween decorations. 

Did you get all three? Which is your favourite: McPunk'n, McBoo or McGoblin?


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