Saturday 29 October 2022

Capilano Suspension Canyon Frights


Capilano Suspension Bridge Park has been taken over by skeletons for their annual Canyon Frights! The iconic bridge was looking extra scary in the morning fog. On either side of the bridge, there are loads of pumpkins and Halloween decorations. 

I happened to have picked the morning of Vancouver's first fall rain and wind storm, so I was up against the elements too. Not one to let the rain deter me, I pressed on and made the most of my time at Capilano Suspension Bridge. I always go to the park's opening because I get to have the bridge all to myself. There is no other way to do it!

Across the suspension to the side that has the Tree Tops Adventure, there are skeletons hidden amongst the coastal rainforest's magnificent cedars. The skeletons were arranged in amusing positions all looking quite mischievous and up to no good. There were also massive skeletons that must have been 10 feet tall. Two of them were dressed like loggers with one scaling up a massive century-old douglas fir. 

Raptors Ridge had two special feathered guests on site. A falcon and a hawk. Both birds work in agriculture to scare away birds like swallows, pigeons, seagulls, or crows which are responsible for millions of dollars of crop damage. The handlers were wonderful and shared the most incredible stories and information about the two birds. All I know is that I do not want to be on the wrong side of those talons as they are strong enough to crush a human's hand. 

I love pumpkins and the Capilano Suspension Bridge team curated an excellent selection. The massive orange pumpkins and other ornate decorative pumpkins in various shades of orange lined the paths. My dream is to someday own a Vancouver character home and you bet that come Fall, I will be inundating my front yard with pumpkins. In fact, when it comes to Halloween, pumpkins are my favourite! Plus, pumpkin pie! 


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