Saturday 8 October 2022

Scarecrow Fest at Art's Nursery

The Fraser Valley is filled with pumpkin patches and it is about time someone introduced something new to the Hallowe'en festivities. Art's Nursery has done just that with its Scarecrow Fest! The best part, the Scarecrow Fest is completely FREE at Art's Nursery. Let me reiterate, Scarecrow Fest is FREE and is a wonderful activity for young families and adults. 

The flower and plant nursery is spread out over a massive plot of land and you can tell a great deal of love and care has gone into setting up the property. There are beautiful garden sculptures, fountains, various flowers, fruit trees and basically every plant you could want. For the month of October, scarecrows in every inch of the nursery. These scarecrows are recognizable Hollywood and television characters we have grown up watching and loving particularly from Hallowe'en movies.

Cruella De Vil looked devilishly perfect with her cigarette holder and dalmation dog scarecrows at her feet complete with spotted pumpkins. Where is Waldo was doing his best to hide, but I found him amongst the trees. Ariel from Little Mermaid had Sebastien hanging out with her as well as Ursula. The kids were going wild for the Encanto characters. I also spotted the Hocus Pocus sisters and the Charlie Brown gang with the Great Pumpkin. 

My favourite scarecrows were the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Everyone, but Dr. Finkelstein was present. The Tricker-Treaters were looking sinister and up to no good was Oogie Boogie behind them. Mayor had his angry face and insanely tall top hat. Sally was missing her hand which is a detail I loved that they included! Jack Skellington was looking downright handsome in his pinstriped tux and bowtie and his partner in crime Zero was floating right by him. Santa Claus was there too but Hallowe'en is not his domain. 

I asked the staff and they said there are approximately 80 scarecrows this year. All of them are exceptionally detailed from the clothing to the facial expressions and accessories. The Scarecrows are made from burlap sacks stitched together and stuffed with hay. Some scarecrows were dressed in clothing while others had their clothing painted on. The faces were painted on and captured each character!  

It would not be Hallowe'en without pumpkins and Art's Nursery does not disappoint with its pop-up pumpkin patch. It is a subtle jab at the other local pumpkin patches. Not to ruin the illusion, but bring in pumpkins by truckloads and pretend the pumpkins were grown on the field you pick them from. I appreciate the cheekiness of Art's Nursery!

If you want to try making your own scarecrow, Art's Nursery sells scarecrow kits from which all proceeds go to charity. Get creative! I also forgot to mention there are Tricycle Bikes with baskets that you can ride around the property if you feel the need to be chaotic. 


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