Monday 3 October 2022

The Final Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Harry Potter in Concert

The era of Harry Potter at the Orpheum Theatre has come to an end with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) wrapping up their final shows of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I think most 90s kids would agree that Harry Potter was our childhood. We grew up with the books and the movie franchise so having the opportunity to relive the magic was a magical treat. 

The movie is the darkest of the franchise, opening with the burial of Dobbie the free elf and the wizarding world plunging further into despair as the dark lord continues instill terror into the magical community. The Orpheum Theatre was sold-out, packed to the ceiling with excited Potter Heads. I have great admiration for the work and effort that goes into dressing up as your favourite character. Since it was the final movie, I thought I would channel my inner Hermione Granger by wearing my official Harry Potter Gryffindor Sweater from Universal Hollywood. 

For those unfamiliar with VSO in Movies, the orchestra plays the score live while you watch the movie. With the amazing acoustics at the Orpheum, you feel the deeper notes rumble beneath your feet and seats. I know the majority of the mussicians are not excited about doing these shows because they prefer more challenging pieces of music, but it is a job and they know guests love hearing them play to the movie. 

VSO needs to restart the Harry Potter franchise because I have already watched the movies an unhealthy number of times and will continue to do so. The VSO  did 1 to 2 movies per year, so it is spread out over five years. I know Harry Potter VSO performances became a tradition for me and I am certain it is for many other Vancouverites too. Why end a good thing?!


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