Sunday 9 October 2022

Family Style Italian at Savio Volpe

I cannot count the number of times I have dined at Savio Volpe and there might already be a blogpost on one of my many pasta-filled dinners there! The menu is continuously updated to incorporate fresh and seasonal ingredients. 

My favourite "Per La Tavola" aka For The Table is Savio Volpe's buttery Garlic Knots which come hot from the oven dusted in pecorino romano and black pepper. Always add the hot marinara sauce! These remind me of my time in Los Angeles when I dined at C&O Trattoria which not only serves platters of garlic rolls to all guests but also has singing waiters! 

We skipped the salads and burrata to double up on the carbs. I have never been big on risotto, but Savio Volpe may have just won me over. The Acquerello Risotto had fire-roasted corn, wild chanterelles, guanciale and a mountain of parmigiano. 

I cannot remember the exact name, but it was a hand folded pasta stuffed with cheese in a butter sauce, corn and sage. The cheese filling was overwhelming. Shocking for me as Savio always nails the flavours with their fresh pasta. I decided to be good and pretend to be healthy by ordering the grilled zucchini. Fresh green and yellow zucchini grilled over the flame gave it nice charr marks and was tossed in lemon, chilli, fennel and mint. 

Ending the meal on a sweet note was an olive oil cake with a rich almond filling, whipped cream, beautiful fresh nectarine slices, nectarine preserve and toasted Marcona almonds. This cake was simply wonderful and tasted like a warm fall evening. 

Michelin judges are rumoured to be in Vancouver and one of the tests is to see how long it takes the wait staff to notice a dropped utensil. We dropped our fork completely by accident. It took the team a surprisingly long time to notice and provide us with a replacement.... oh oooh! Just an inside joke that we were could not help but giggle over. 


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