Tuesday 11 October 2022

The Eastside Flea: Vancouver's Hipster Community Market

The Eastside Flea is a great community market on the edge of Vancouver's Chinatown. Being my first time visiting, I did not know what to expect. The space was buzzing with energy and laughter because everyone was having a fabulous time. The Eastside Flea has over 40+ vendors, many being vintage and antique sellers. Entry into the market is $4 a person and also gains you access to the cocktail bar. 

The crowd at The Eastside Flea definitely draws a huge hipster crowd with its welcoming and carefree atmosphere. A couple of food trucks keep the masses fed and hydrated. There are brightly painted picnic benches and Muskoka chairs to hang out on. The weather was spectacular on Sunday, so everyone was soaking up the warm fall sunshine. Crack On, Ay! Mamacita, Aperitivo and Disco Biscuits were on site on Sunday and it is constantly changing. 

I love colour and sparkle, so I was immediately infatuated with the ceiling decor of disco balls, tinsel, fringe and tassels. A few murals filled the walls and lots and lots of fake plants were strategically scattered throughout the warehouse. Hipsters are OBSESSED with green houseplants, so I found the fake plants hilarious. Downright scandalous and goes against the hipster culture wahaha!

The vintage vendors had an incredible selection of retro fashion, edgy homeware and knick knacks. In addition to the preloved items were several talented independent artisans. I saw a lot of pottery, jewelry, tufters - carpet art, and candlemakers. I am loving cowboy boots becoming trendy and was tempted to pick up a tiny cowboy boot pottery piece. I have my own cowboy boot Suncatcher Decal launching in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that - I have included a picture of the proof below! 

I have a weak spot for Coca-Cola merchandise. Good Mood flowers had two beautiful metal Coca-Cola coolers to display her flowers. She grows them locally in South Surrey and had two of my favourites that day, dahlias and white cupcake cosmos. 

I regret not purchasing the Vernon Drive Grocery East Van tote bag. The building was printed in lime green onto a natural coloured tote with bright red handles. So cute and I have major remorse for passing on it. 

I was not expecting to bump into so many friends at the market! Needless to say, all the cool people hang out at The Eastside Flea. The Flea is taking a short break and will be returning for a couple of weekends in December. You can keep up to date on The Eastside Flea's website. Who knows, maybe I will be a vendor with my Rainbow Suncatcher Decals if they accept my application!


Future Rainbow Suncatcher Decal design - Pink Cowboy Boots with yellow detailing. Part of the upcoming drop. I have been working for months drawing, changing, and countless hours of back and forth with friends to get their feedback to create unique and trendy designs. 

Other designs I am excited about are the floral orca, vampire lips, crystals, bats, and the new reiteration of strawberries and daisies! 

Fingers crossed I can be a part of The Eastside Flea in December 2022 for everyone to check out the new design drop in person! 

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