Friday 21 October 2022

Birthday Wishlist Fall 2022

October is my birthday month and with the big day a few weeks away, I have been thinking what would I want as a birthday present? With each passing year, there is less and less that I want as I already have so much, but I am not about to turn down a birthday present!

I want cake! A chocolate chiffon cake enveloped in roasted strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream from The Federal Store. For candles, the long skinny Meri Meri ones. A wonderful flower arrangement from Garden Party Flowers in peachy pink and white tones. Hopefully, they have my favourite avalanche white roses, wax flowers, lisianthus, and dahlias! Finally, I want to share blow out the candles and share my birthday cake with my wonderful friends. 

Cake, flowers and friends are what I want every year as a present and truth be told I am happy with just that! Now if people insist on getting me something more for my birthday, there are a couple of things I would be thrilled to receive. 

Do NOT get me a Gift Card

I hate gift cards because I am a gift card hoarder. I have amassed a diverse collection of gift cards from so many stores and restaurants, some probably go back several years. I do not know what is wrong with me and why I cannot bring myself to use them. 

Four Seasons Resort Down & Feather Pillow

Do not laugh, I know it is weird, but talk to me after you spend a night at the Four Seasons Resort because their pillows are magical. The pillows are a blend of 25% white down and 75% feather making them hypoallergenic. The pillows are designed for support and comfort. 

I would also take a stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler, so feel free to send me on a birthday getaway! This is the ONLY type of "gift card" that I want to receive because I love traveling, plus I have been trying to find an excuse to go stay a couple nights at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler. 


The shirt and jacket hybrid has steadily gained popularity. I am particular about fabrics and want one that is made of a heavy wool weave. Aritzia has so many colours, cuts and lengths to choose from, but the reviews have been saying the Aritzia shacket quality has significantly decreased compared to last year's release. It makes me lean towards Anian which is another Vancouver-based company. Anian is disrupting the fashion industry by being a circular fashion house using salvaged textiles. Anian does not make a "shacket" but their signature shirt is what the shacket was derived from. 

Anian's Modern Melton Wool Shirt in Everglade is a deep blue-green that is rich and reminds more of the forests of the North Pacific West Coast aka British Columbia's iconic lush old growth forests.  

Ray-Ban Round Metal Classic Polarized

My Ray-Ban Wayferer are from first year university and are my sole pair of sunglasses. I have worn them religiously on every sunny day and they have travelled with me to countless countries and cities. I am not disposing my current Ray-Bans, but I would love to change things up with a new frame. The Round Metal Classic in gold with green tinted Polarized lenses paired with an eyeglass chain. 

Leather Jacket

A few years back, I wanted the Mackage leather jacket from Aritzia, but refrained from getting it because Aritzia has a way of ruining cute clothes by saturating the market. Aritzia will release the same style and cut, year after year in every colour imaginable until everyone in Vancouver owns it. I still want a leather jacket, but I think I want to go with one from All Saints. They do great leather and not everyone will own it. 

Mala Cereal Candle

I hate when people gift me candles because to me it is like an add on to a gift, not the entire gift itself! So this better not be my primary gift, otherwise, we are going to have a problem. Everyone is talking about the cereal scented candles, but the one I like in particular is Mala's cereal candle. It reminds me of my favourite childhood cereal, Fruit Loops. Montrose + George in Abbotsford as well as several other boutiques across the Lower Mainland stock the popular local candle brand, Mala.

Citizens of Humanity Sweater

Cooler days are ahead and I love a good sweater. I am obsessing over the Citizens of Humanity Franki Sweatshirt in Heather Grey. I have been trying my hardest to add more unique pieces to my wardrobe and this sweatshirt has a window cutout detail in the chest. West of Woodward in Yaletown is where I fell in love with the sweater and fingers crossed it does not sell out. 

Le Creuset Round French Oven in Chambray 

I want a cast iron enamel French oven and Le Creuset makes some of the best! The brand is synonymous with French oven cookware. The 4.2 Litre round French Oven in the Chambray colour is a lovely gradient of soft blue to dark and comes with a brass metal knob.  

Azmaya Porcelain Juicer

I cannot get over how cute the porcelain citrus juicer from ITSUMO and The Faithful Shop. The citrus juicer fits onto a teapot making for a beautiful presentation. The piece is handcrafted in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Japan. 

Cowboy Boots

I have wanted a pair of cowboy boots for years and they are finally getting the nod of approval from the fashion world. Ganni has released a pair of brown boots with white detailing, but I want a pair of cowboy boots from a company that has been crafting them for years! OK Boot Corral in Gastown is the place to go for handcrafted quality leather cowboy boots with authentic designs and silhouettes and is where I want to get mine from. 

Pink Cake Plate

I have two Mosser Cake plates: jade green and white milk glass. I want to add the pink cake plate to my collection. I want the 6 inch for smaller cakes and pastries. 

Prada Satin Loafers with Crystals

Can we take a moment to admire the Prada Satin Loafers with Crystals. They have a thick chunky sole and the silhouette of a classic Penny loafer. The full crystal coverage is what really drew me to them. The crystals have lots of facets so they sparkle and glint whenever they catch light. Prada has also covered other accessories and clothing in these crystals. I am totally eyeing the thin headband because when I tried it on, it reminded me of a tiara! My childhood self approves. 

Parliament Interiors Colin 2 Chair

I have been searching for the perfect midcentury modern lounge chair and I believe I have found just the one. Parliament Interiors in Mount Pleasant is where I found the Colin 2 Chair. The legs and arms are made of solid black American walnut wood - my favourite type of wood! It is upholstered in a wonderful textured natural toned fabric. 

My eyes are barely staying open so I am going to revisit and complete this post tomorrow. Missing items from picture are:

- Impala Retro Roller Skates

- Cadine Jewelry also has the knit your own toque

- Pretty Day Vancouver Partyware store Flower Garden Giant Garland from Meri Meri

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