Wednesday 5 October 2022

Fairmont Banff Springs Breakfast at the Vermillion Room

No vacation is complete without a fancy brunch and when in Banff, you head to the Vermillion Room Bar & Brasserie inside the Fairmont Banff Springs - I will be discussing the hotel property in detail in a different blog post! I have stunning pictures of the property to share, but the pictures I took during breakfast are horrid and I regret not being able to retake them. 

The Vermillion Room is almost like a well-kept secret as it is located at the back of the hotel on the second floor. Guests not staying with the Fairmont Banff Springs tend to not venture past the grand entrance, but I encourage you to head up the massive stairwell and across the second floor as you will be rewarded by the expansive dining hall of the Vermillion Room. Though the Vermillion Room itself is impressive, the unobstructed view of the famed Canadian Rockies Mountainscape is the real reason to brunch here. 

What I can only imagine is a recent refurbishment, the Vermillion Room seamlessly incorporates the elegance and glamour of The Fairmont and its original structure with more modern finishings. The space is done up in up in gold tones, white marble, walnut-toned wood and deep indigo blue velvets. No detail was missed from the monogrammed porcelain dishes and the buffet plates with ornate blue patterns. I could gush about this space for days, but I will not bore you with my obsession with design.

The right side of the The Vermillion Room has large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors leading out onto what I presume is one of several perfectly manicured lawns and gardens on The Fairmont property. Not to be redundant, but you really do get a picture-perfect view of Bow Valley and the Canadian Rockies. I took a quick stroll out onto the grounds and peering down over the balcony I discovered a blue-tiled outdoor pool. In it an elderly man in a speedo blissfully floated in the middle of the heated mineral water pool with bubbles and steam surrounding him - peak retirement goals.I highly recommend walking out onto the grounds because nothing beats the serenity of early mornings at that high elevation and refreshing cool mountain air. 

To the left of the dining space is the enormous breakfast bar consisting of several stations. Breads and pastries with every imaginable spread, smear and topping. Platters of perfectly sliced smoked salmon, cured meats, pickles and capers. A long row of burgundy-hued Le Creusets were brimming with lavish breakfast offerings like crepes with hand-whipped cream and fresh berries, classic eggs benedict smothered in luscious hollandaise sauce, all the bacon and sausage you could possibly want, roasted herbed potatoes and the list continues. In true Fairmont fashion, everything was premier including the fancy yogurt brand that is packaged in a glass jar. For eggs, visit the "Eggs Your Way" which is manned by a chef ready to make your eggs fresh be it an omelette or scramble. 

Every dish from the breakfast buffet was perfection.  So much to try and so little stomach space. I ate until I could not eat no more and then I ate some more! 

The Vermillion Room's breakfast is offered daily from 7 AM to 11 AM. You can either order a la carte or take advantage of the breakfast buffet at $36 an adult.

The pandemic has defintiely taken a toll on Banff's tourism because normally at 7AM The Vermillion Room would be full plus a line of hungry patrons would be snaking out the door. We came at 7:30AM and it was just us and a couple more tables. That is a frightening difference! 

Most of the diners that morning were decades older than me, and they were adorable. I wish had a picture of the elderly couple that donned tracksuits, bright pink for the lady and bright green for the gentleman. But it would have been rude of me to infringe on their privacy, so you will just need to picture it in your mind. It was glorious fashion moment and another milestone I am adding to my peak retirement goals. 

The Vermillion Room Bar & Brasserie is a must-visit in Banff, Alberta. From its gorgeous details to impeccable service and their delicious French x Canadian inspired menu, all of it is remarkable. 


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