Monday 17 October 2022

Pumpkin Carving Inspiration from 2021 Designs

I am excited to carve the pumpkins, but I am holding off until closer to Hallowe'en as it is abnormally warm in Vancouver. I do not want my beautiful creations to turn soft and mouldy prematurely before the big night. 

I found some pictures of the pumpkins I carved last year. I also stumbled across pictures from Krause Berry Farms. They had a professional pumpkin carver working on site. The pumpkins he carved were expressive and I loved how he used fun shaped gourds and ears of corn for the noses! I also love when they use the stem of the pumpkin for the nose too! The carvers use a variety of tools like graters, wood and clay carving tools, and massive knives.

My dad and I carve a half dozen pumpkins each year as one of our annual traditions. I like doing more detailed designs and he tends to stick to more abstract patterns with easy shapes. Last year we had a big brain moment and realized we could use a drill to make perfect circles easily. Only took us 28 years, but at least we have finally figured it out and can level up our pumpkins for this year!

Last year I did three pumpkins of various themes - bats and stars, skulls and the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

I tend to do my designs free handed so it is not surprising that the proportions turn out wonky. The skulls I did were a bit odd, but I thought the skeleton hand and dancing skeletons looked great. I love sugar skulls, but I failed to capture their beauty. I should really start sketching my designs on the pumpkins first. I did a horrid job at Jack Skellington's smile and bowtie. 

Thankfully not all is bad! Oogie Boogie and Zero turned out great! My favourite pumpkin was the bats and stars. Simple and easy to do. I did the pattern over the entire pumpkin and with the candle light shining through, it was perfection! Reminded me of those candle holders you you can buy that cast a pattern onto the table and walls when you place a lit candle in them. 

I am going to be boring and do a repeat of the bats and stars this year. In fact, I loved the design so much that it inspired one of my upcoming Rainbow Suncatcher Decals for launch number two. I have not given much thought to what I want to do for the other pumpkins. Defintiely something spooky. Maybe some witches or I could do a lace pattern. I guess you will have to wait and see!


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