Tuesday 6 December 2022

Safe Sweat is Revolutionizing the Gym Game

Over the past decade, workout facilities have been seeing significant revitalizations with spin rooms, boxing bags and even treadmill group classes. Long gone are the days of the big warehouse-like spaces filled with subpar workout equipment. Safe Sweat is redefining what a gym facility should look like with its "Fitsuites."

The 2,700 square foot space has been divided into 8 pods dubbed "FITsuites," which are outfitted with what I affectionately call the Rolls Royce of gym equipment. Each pod is equipped with cardio, squat rack, multi-functional bench, dumbbells, kettlebells, focus & recovery devices, fitness accessories and a massive TV fully stocked with streaming, music and workouts. 

No detail was missed by co-owners Emre Ozgur and Andrea Kloegman in designing the FITsuites. Together, they have 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. 

I was worried the pods might feel small from the pictures I had seen, but in person, each FITsuite has ample space to get in a great workout. The FITsuites do have slight variations in equipment such as cardio. Distributed amongst the FITsuites are Air Bike, Rowing Ergs, Spin Bikes and my favourite, the Woodway Treadmills, and you can book a specific FITsuite based on your cardio preference. 

You would be hard-pressed to find a Woodway Treadmill at a typical gym as these are the Hummers of treadmills with a track reminiscent of what you would find on a military tank. Needless to say, these treadmills do not stall and slip when you are running full force on them!

While I was there, it would have been silly not to get a workout in, so I was matched with one of Safe Sweat's personal trainers who made sure to have me flushed and dripping with sweat at the hour mark. Thankfully each FITsuite is a closed space, so no one could hear me madly grunting as I struggled to complete the high-intensity training sets.

I also want to mention that in addition to the trainer, my friend also joined in on the workout. There was ample space for two individuals to be working out simultaneously plus a trainer also in the space. 

Most gyms have the odd foam roller and padded mat for post-recovery but at Safe Sweat, each FITsuite is equipped with the Hyperice Massage Gun. I finally understand why people will spend several hundreds of dollars because the Amazon version I own is literal trash. Needless to say, I am going to purchase a Hyperice. There are also foam rollers and a meditation device that walks you through mindful breathing. I chose to maximize my time with the Hyperice as it was magical. 

Gyms are traditionally open-floor space plans with rows upon rows of cardio equipment and weights. I am a self-conscious individual and tend to become hyperaware of my surroundings when I go to the gym. Even though I know nobody is paying attention to me, I cannot help but feel like someone is judging me for doing something wrong or looking silly. These thoughts plague many average gymgoers. The FITsuites at Safe Sweat completely remove all those negative thoughts because you are in a private space. The Safe Sweat time does do a wellness safety check with all FITsuite users throughout the workout block, but aside from that, there will be no one else peeking in. 

Everything is sprayed down and the room goes through a dehumidification cycle between each user. We love a good clean workout space because there is nothing worse than hopping onto a bike only to find the seat and handles warm and slick from perspiration. Been there, done that and hate it. 

Safe Sweat is located in South Surrey and has plans to open more of its luxury boutique workout facilities in Metro Vancouver. I 100% see a demand for this style of a workout facility. However, with all things nice there is a higher cost. Down the road when Safe Sweat opens locations closer to me, I definitely see myself joining. I would use it with a partner as it keeps me motivated and the FITsuites have the space for the two of us to get in a solid workout together.  


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