Saturday 15 August 2015

7 Lattes & Wishes | Back to School

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Hey Dolls!

I cannot believe September is around the corner which means back to school.... yay.... Haha I am going to my fifth and final year of UBC Sciences in Food Nutrition and Health. It is the last push to get my remaining credits completed; however, it does not mean school is any easier. 

To help me mentally prepare for classes being back in session, I generally like to treat myself to a few back to school goodies! Firstly, BACKPACK! I have been eyeing Nocturnal Workshop's reflective backpacks for about a year now and am ready to make the splurge. My main form of transportation is public transit so I can be standing out in the cold and dark at 6 AM waiting for the bus. After being struck by a car last year ( that is a story for another time!) I have taken it upon myself to look out for my own safety as you cannot rely on the drivers to always be attentive at the wheel. This backpack is reflective while staying chic. I love the use of black leather and suede in the simplistic design! Definitely a statement piece when you are in a crowd at night! The best part, all of Nocturnal Workshop's items are made right here in VANCOUVER! #Local

I am always careful of my items and want to take the best care of them so I can have them around longer. To make sure my laptop is protected  I like to keep my mac in a sleeve. Hershel makes my favourite sleeves as they are well made, but also come in fabulous patterns! Make it a statement piece! Definitely needing the white feather patterned one. 

UBC tends to keep all of their lecture halls at freezing temperatures.  Perhaps it is their attempt at keeping the heating bills down or they think by freezing the students, we might stay awake. Either way, I hate it. That is why I like wearing a scarf so I can use it as a wrap when I am freezing. Plus a cute travel mug is a must as I need my green tea lattes to help me stay awake and warm! 

Phones these days tend have terrible battery life which can be quite a pain on a long day of school. A cute portable charger is great to have because when I am transiting home at night, I want to make sure I have a charged phone for safety. 

Lastly, I deserve a treat for myself! Black leather booties from Rachel Comey.... YUP! A new pair of shoes can definitely help boost your confidence on your first day of school, plus they are so chic! 

What do you need for back to school dolls?


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