Monday 17 August 2015

Desk Goodies | Planner Sticker Haul!

Hey Dolls!

I guess I have finally given in to the planner sticker craze and picked up some of my own from a couple of Etsy shops! Since I am far too impatient to wait for my final order to arrive - as I really want to start using my stickers - this is half of my stash! I purchased all of these stickers with my own money and was not sponsored or gifted by the stores. These are my honest opinions dolls!

The two orders I have received are from Willow Fields and The Alex Studio! It was so tough to pick which shop to order stickers from as each shop had their own sticker designs and styles. 

Both of those shops are from the USA and I live in Canada so shipping can add up pretty quick :( it is super frustrating because you practically end up paying as much shipping as the total cost of your order was. I loved so many stickers from several shops, but it seemed silly to order a couple of stickers from multiple shops because I would end up paying an absurd amount in shipping! 

I am going to need more The Alex Studios' cake stickers and the adorable nerdy critters!
Top Right is the freebies she gave me... YAY!

I am going to start with my favourite shop! I am loving Alex Studio's Stickers! I ordered them on August 4th and received them today, August 17th. My sticker's arrived prior to Etsy's predicted arrival date of August 21st so YAY! The moment I opened my package, I knew I was in love with my stickers! The colours are bright and vibrant. Being a pastry lover, the cakes are my favourite; however, it is also the amount of detail in each slice of cake! Some of the cakes are garnished with slices of fruit while others have chocolate bits. Plus she threw in some freebies! Everyone loves free! Hehe. Definitely will be ordering more stickers from the Alex Studio because her customer service as well as sticker quality as amazing! As well, how cute are her nerdy critters! LOVE THEM! 

WillowFields stickers are at a fabulous price! So many dumbbells!

My thoughts on Willow Fields' stickers and Customer Service! I ordered my stickers on July 14th and received them on August 14th. It took an entire month for my stickers to arrive which is a very long time to wait! Especially for me because I generally dash to the door as soon as I hear the mail slot open. I just love getting mail! I had tried to contact the shop a couple of times in regards to when my stickers will ship, but unfortunately, I got no response. Once the shop had finally shipped my order, it was about a week for them to arrive at my door. So it was the processing by Willow Fields that took the longest. Furthermore, I was fairly disappointed when I opened my package (it did come in a fabulously pink bubble package!). The stickers are not vibrant and just lack excitement! Especially the coffee stickers I ordered, they just look like sad brown blobs :( From the long processing time and just the lack of print quality, I will not be ordering any more stickers from Willow Fields. 

I hope this haul was helpful! Would love to hear what shop suggestions you may have for me!


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