Sunday 16 August 2015

Chic Finds | Sewn Design's Bralettes!

Hey Dolls!

I am so excited to share a new Vancouver-based company with you, Sewn Designs!  Alesia Akehurst is the women behind the inception of Sewn. It was almost as if it were destiny, she had made herself a bralette since the market was not able to offer her what she was looking for. Soon after, her friends were putting in requests for their own bralettes by Alesia which encouraged her to open Sewn in 2013. Lacy, comfortable, chic, & gorgeous Alesia crafts all of the bralettes herself in Vancouver!

As the demand increased for her gorgeous bralettes, she enlisted the help of her favourite seamstress in Kelowna. Her bralettes are a delicate piece of lingerie so only equally gorgeous delicate fabrics can be used! Alesia hand selects each lace and buckle and designs the new pieces. 

It was such a pleasure to meet up with Alesia at one of my favourite bakeries in Yaletown,  Small Victory. I felt like a kid in a candy store as she pulled out all of her bralette designs and laid them out one by one in front of me. I cannot express to you all how difficult it was for me to not just TAKE THEM ALL! 

All of Sewn Designs new bralette styles! Picture by SewnDesigns

As a strong independent women myself, I admire Alesia's vision in creating lingerie that makes women feel empowered. Her vision is to create pieces that make the wearer feel comfortable, more confident and more pretty! When I wear a set of matching panties and bras, I wear it for myself. It makes me feel more pretty and feminine as well as a little bit more mature!!!! 

Not so surprisingly, many of my friends and including Alesia wear nice bralettes and panties for their OWN SELF. It is irrelevant if no one is going to be seeing our undergarments as we do not wear it for others. I am so happy to see this is Alesia's vision of helping boost every wearer's own confidence and self-esteem. You keep rocking it dolls because feeling amazing about your own self is the most important thing. 

Before my meet up with Alesia, I had done some extensive instagram stalking to familiarize myself with her brand, vision and products. If you have been following Sewn Designs long enough, you must know she had been creating gorgeous hand stamped clutches. The clutches were tres chic and I really want one of the gold painted ones. Plus they come on a long chain so instant night time bag! Unfortunately, not only did the fabric she used for the bags got discontinued, Alesia just could not keep up with the large demand. So sadly for me and everyone else who wants one of her chic clutches, we will have to wait for its maybe re-launch in the future! 

Alesia has given me a sneak peek of her fall designs, but my lips are sealed dolls! You will just have to keep an eye out yourself! 


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