Saturday 7 May 2016

7 Lattes & Wishes | Mother's Day last minute gift ideas

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Heya Dolls!

Mother's day is tomorrow and sometimes it can be tough picking out the perfect gift for your mum. Honestly, how do express all your love with a materialistic object? That is why I generally leave it to the very very very end. So if you are like me, hope this list helps! 

For me, it is about giving my mum something she is going to genuinely like as well as USE! There is no worse feeling than to give someone a present and only to realize they never even used it :( makes me really sad. 

My mum has always given me everything in my life. She would far rather spoil me with goodies and gifts than get herself something nice. I know she would love Longchamp's iconic large le Pilage tote. She would definitely use this tote because I have the exact same tote in navy blue and she loves it. It is time my mum had her very own!!! Best part, it is a luxury handbag that I can afford to give to her. 

The days are warming up in Vancouver and we are getting lots of lovely sunshine. Time to get my mum on trend with a cute summer hat and Birkenstocks

I am not into the cliche "best mom ever" monogrammed items like jewelry or mugs; however, I could not pass up this Foxy Mama decorative cushion! It is so cute, but also cheeky! Even though I said I am not into specific mother's day presents, I do love the Q&A a day five year journal for moms. I have had mine for over a year and really enjoy taking a moment every night to reflect. 

Most mums love drinking tea or coffee at least once a day. I am in love with the mugs at anthropologie as they are one of a kind. Slash, I just really love this mug hehe it is so cool! 

Lastly, this may not be for every mom, but my mom loves feeding birds in the morning. We do have a bird feeder, but this bird feeder is really pretty! It is time that generaric plastic green bird feeder got replaced with a much more unique and whimsical bird feeder! Maybe your mum will love it too? It is a unique and different gift idea that you might not even have thought about. 

Hope this helped you all! Be sure to give your mums a big hug and just express to them how much they mean to you! At the end of the day, you do not need to give them a fancy present because sometimes the smallest simple gift is the best gift ever. Like making them breakfast or getting them some fresh cut flowers. AKA it is PEONY SEASON DOLLS!


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