Saturday 14 May 2016

Chic Finds | Prism Brush Bar

Hey Dolls!

Who is lazy and rarely washes her makeup brushes - ME! Haha I know, disgusting, but it is just so much work. I use MAC makeup brushes and their makeup brush spot cleanser. For a deeper clean, I usually will use whatever shampoo I am currently using, lately it has been the Bumble and Bumble Gentle shampoo. 

However, do not be like me because dirty makeup brushes harbour a huge amount of bacteria. After freshly cleansing and moisturizing your face only to  smear bacteria all over your face by using a dirty makeup brush is counterintuitive. Also, if you have acne prone skin like me, you definitely do not want to be using dirty brushes as you will be spreading the acne bacteria to other areas of your face. Furthermore, your makeup brushes are not going to last as long. 

I had a fun new treat waiting for me in my PO Box, the Prism Brush Bar. The fabulous Nina over at Prism Brush Bar sent me the Aqua Aura original to test out. Haha I wonder if she knew my dirty little secret of rarely washing my makeup brushes?

Prism Brush Bar is a Canadian-based company which hand makes all of their bars in Toronto using only natural and vegan ingredients. I always make it a point to try and work with Canadian-based companies, so I was really excited to learn that they were Canadianna eh! 

I do not wear makeup often, so I have been trying to wash my brushes after each use. The Prism Brush Bar is super easy to use. Wet your brushes, swirl them on the bar and then then rinse. The best part, I did not have to repeat the soap and rinse! With the MAC solution and Bumble and Bumble hair shampoo, I would have to repeat the cleanse and rinse a few times. Perhaps this is why I am so lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes. Way too much work for moi. 

The prism brush bar came wrapped in wax paper nestled inside a tin container. Really glad that Nina packages her prism brush bars in the tins because after I am done cleaning by brushes, I pat the prism brush bar dry with a paper towel and store it back in the tin. Keeps it clean and less likely a guest mistake my brush cleanser as hand soap! 

I suggest holding the bar in the palm of your hand when swirling your makeup brushes on it. I tried to do it with the bar on my counter and it started sliding all around. I have cleansed my brushes using the prism brush bar a number of times now and it leaves my makeup brushes soft and clean! Definitely a great makeup brush cleanser that is worth a try! 

Lastly, can I just take a moment to say how gorgeous the Prism Brush Bar is! It is a sparkly blue galaxy in a chic hexagonal shape. Super gorgeous! Probably the prettiest bar of soap I have ever seen! 


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