Thursday 26 May 2016

Savvy Student | Cleansing my Closet through Consignment

Hi Dolls!

I recently wrote a smart list for YP on Vancouver's Top Consignment Shops for Designer Clothing and it has motivated me to take a second look at my own closet and ask myself, "do I really wear this anymore?" Turns out, I tend to only wear approximately a third of my closet and generally will stick to my favourites. Haha but I am not the only one! Approximately 90 percent of women do the same, we reach for our favourite outfits and ignore the rest. 

So I am cleansing my wardrobe and asking myself the hard question of am I going to wear this anytime soon? Have I worn this dress in the past year? If the answers are no, I am going to consign those pieces for cash to update my wardrobe! 

There are 6 luxury consignment stores listed on the smart list, but I am going to focus on my few favourites that are relevant to what I am looking for. There are a couple of stores on the list which solely focus on luxury handbags and accessories, so if you are looking for a pre-loved Chanel Boy Bag, then check out the full list

For those of you unfamiliar with Consignment it is when the company takes your clothing and it puts it on the sales floor. If the clothing sells within the set time frame, the company will give you the agreed upon percentage from the selling price. Unsold pieces are returned back to you. 

Many consignment stores also have the option of direct sell. Selling is exactly how it sounds. The company assesses your clothing and offers you an amount on the same day. So you do not have to worry about coming up and picking up your clothes if they do not sell within the consignment time frame. 

A Vancouver favourite as well as my favourite pre-loved fashion store is the the infamous Front & Company! If you have not been inside, you most likely have driven by their storefront on Main St and caught a glimpse of their elaborate window displays. The cardboard dragon was my favourite from Summer 2015! 

Front & Company is great because they only accept items for consignment that are no older than 2 years. Therefore, you will always find the latest trends on their racks. Along with pre-loved pieces, Front & Company has sample pieces as well as some new items from Vancouver-based companies such as Herschel. I love hunting for unique finds at Front & Company as they have a diverse range of brands from Missoni to Oak + Fort. I once found a men's Dolce & Gabanna cashmere coat for 120 bucks! That is an absolute steal! 

Though Front & Company has a diverse selection of brands, they keep their racks well stocked with pieces from Aritzia. This is perfect for me because my closet is probably 3/4 Aritzia.... #myAritzia!!! I even spoke to one of their sales associates and she told me Aritzia is their bread and butter, so they basically will accept any Aritzia item for consignment. Perfect for me as the clothes I am thinking of letting go are predominantly purchased form Aritzia. 

So hopefully in the coming weeks, I will go through my closet and consign my hardly worn Aritzia clothing for cash or probably even credit at Front & Company because I am sure I will find some pieces I love! 

My next favourite is only a few doors down from Front & Company and happens to be new comer to the eco-fashion scene in Vancouver, The Main Exchange. In their short time, Main Exchange has definitely established itself as a trendy boutique with amazing street fashion pieces. I love how owner Miranda Dendewich has a keen eye for trendy pieces and only pieces that pass her strict requirements make their way to the shelves. Only thing to note is that Main Exchange carries women's pieces only. 

Along South Granville, Turnabout Luxury Resale has been stealing our hearts for 36 years with their vast collection of pre-loved fashion and accessories. They also recently had their ribbon cutting party to their new 2 level flagship store! Super proud of owner Joy! 

I am not as familiar with Turnabout Luxury Resale as I am with the former two, but from what I can gather, fashionista's in Vancouver refer to Turnabout Luxury Resale as the Nordstrom of eco-fashion! Along with street style pieces, Turnabout Luxury Resale has pieces from internationally renowned fashion houses including coveted Chanel, Prada as well as Chloe. Turnabout offers two options for the pre-loved clothing you bring in, you can either consign or sell.

I plan on going through my closet this weekend and pick out the pieces I no longer wear. I will definitely put up pictures of all the pieces and let you know where I end up consigning them and if any of my pieces are not accepted by the store. Wish me luck! 


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